I hurt >_<

Remember yesterday I mentioned climbing up the very last bit of that peak that is 3330m up? Well, because I always faced the same direction going down (I kind of went down sideways), my left arm and leg are really sore. Because I would put my right foot down – slowly – and hang on for dear life to the rope, but I was always using my left arm and leg to lower myself. Ugh. I’m walking like an old woman (no offense to old women out there!). I grunt every time I get up from sitting for a while. Of course right after I descended we sat down for lunch so getting up from that hurt a lot, but after walking a bit it loosened up. It’s the same now, but today we just kind of chilled and I took a little nap. Although sleeping on my side hurt my leg more than sleeping on my back. The picture I was thinking of actually doesn’t really give you a good indication of how high we are, especially because of the fog, but it’s still a pretty cool picture.

As you know – if you’ve been following my blog – I always forget things and then mention them later. Well I have something, a cute-Bastien moment, from yesterday. When we stopped for out hot chocolate and fries Bastien was eating a yogurt. I asked him what it was and he told me the flavour was banana. Then I was busy getting myself situated with my chair and I didn’t hear him right away, but he repeated himself until I heard him; he as asking my if I wanted to try it. It was so adorable. He had a little on his spoon (there wasn’t much left) and he said ‘do you want to taste?’. Since he wasn’t actually finished I didn’t want to stick the spoon in my mouth (you know, in case I have some latent cold germs) so I just dipped my finger in a bit of it….which could actually have the same effect so I guess it’s kind of a lose/lose situation.

Today Jean and Bastien were out on the balcony playing swords. There was Bastien’s sword from Waterloo and then the sword and shield that he got from the Haut-Kœnigsbourg Castle gift shop. It looked like a lot of fun. After a while they came back in. Bastien wanted to go out again a little while later, but Jean was busy so I went out with him. I told him to be careful not to drop his sword and what does he do? He throws it over. Fortunately it landed in Sybille’s brother’s backyard and not in the neighbour’s so it was easy enough to retrieve, but he still did something he wasn’t supposed to so I made him go sit in the corner for a little. Of course he didn’t like that. Afterwards I explained – to the best of my ability – why he was punished and I’m pretty sure he gets now that throwing his sword over is not a good idea. It’s better he learns here than somewhere where he won’t be able to get it back. Oh, and I think he left his sunglasses in that little igloo shaped restaurant on that peak. Of course, he wanted to go lay down, but it wasn’t too long till lunch and he naps after lunch so I didn’t want him to fall asleep yet. I guess he didn’t end up sleeping at all, but I didn’t know that would happen. So, since he wanted to go in his room I ended up reading him a story. We had some nice bonding time and I taught him a new English word. The story was of this class trip to the  Haut-Kœnigsbourg, a class of little animals. And the little wolf who kept being very bad and playing jokes and things. On the first page (with the title and stuff) there was a knight. In French it’s a chevalier (I might have spelled it wrong). I told him that in English a chevalier is a knight. And he said ‘like Mike’, because they sound very similar. I thought it was cute.

Jean-Go cooked us supper tonight.  We had duck. First we had salad with duck patée in a crust. Pretty good. It was cold. Then came the main course of duck (hot) with caramelized apple slices and a Swiss specialty Rösti – potatoes. It’s sort of like hash-browns. It’s shredded potatoes fried in a pan. Fried into one big hash-brown, which is then separated on to plates. My Grandma Roth does this all the time. She cooks them a little differently (instead of just crisping one side and then the other she sort of moves it all around like you would cook ground beef/hamburger). I guess when my Mom was a kid (she lived with her maternal grandparents after her father died in a farming accident) and they would make potatoes they would cook more than they needed and save the rest. The next day they would shred them and fry them in a pan. This makes sense because I guess the Baechler’s (my Grandma Roth’s family) came from the German part of Switzerland. I’m actually not sure which family it was that came from the homestead we visited – the Roth’s maybe? I’ll have to ask. I guess part of my Dad’s family also came from the Alsace or Lorraine area of France/Germany as well. I say France/Germany because it kept switching.

After supper Lisa got out her iPad. Jean was on his Mother’s playing Angry Birds and then Lisa started playing it. I got out my computer and was looking up videos of the ventriloquist Nina Conti when Jean started teaching my Dad how to play Angry Birds. I guess my Dad broke all kinds of high scores tonight. Then Jean-Go, Adeline, Greg, Mom, and I played a game called Sitting Ducks. It’s with cards (special one’s) and the premise of the game is to keep your ducks alive while killing everyone else’s ducks. Once all your ducks die you’re still in the game, but just as a hunter. It’s pretty fun. We had some rule discrepancy because the rules and card and things are all in German, but the cards have symbols on them so we got through it. It was pretty fun. Of course when Mom and I would be nice and not kill a duck when we could have we all made jokes about us being ‘too Canadian’ and I mentioned a video I had seen about 10 or 12 meanings of the word sorry to a Canadian. Unfortunately I can’t find it so I can’t give you a link, but it was funny.

So that’s all for tonight, tomorrow there will be some more interesting stuff to write about!

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