What a climb!

I think yesterday I sort of unofficially promised more information about the Haut-Kœnisbourg Castle, but alas, I had another very tiring day and even though it’s only 10pm I’m totally pooped. My Mom suggested I not write a blog today, but how could I do that! I have what I need, there’s no reason not to.

We went up the mountain today. We went further up than I’ve ever gone. I think we might have gone to the highest peak in this area that you can get to (without a helicopter). Unfortunately my camera wasn’t charged so I didn’t have it, but my Dad, sister, and Mom got lots. I’m not sure what the peak is called, but after getting to a very high spot with the cable cars, a few of us climbed up the rest of the way to a big cross that was up there. Climbing up was hard. There were ropes to hang on to or I would never have made it. As it was I kept thinking how the heck I was going to get back down! At this point there was still snow and I was afraid of slipping in my running shoes. I have no idea how long it took my to get up (or down), but I do know it was the longest. But hey, I can say I’ve done it, I have the pictures to prove it, and I’m still alive and in good enough heath to post about it! You can really tell the difference between my sister and me with those pictures. Where I’m hanging on to the cross for dear life, Lisa stood in front of it with her arms stretched out. Crazy, I tell you. You see, heights themselves don’t really scare me. It’s the fear of falling, so I’m always over-cautious. Which means I sometimes have to sit on a rock (or slide down some snow) on my but before I can go to the next one. You know, lower my point of gravity and all, or something like that. I don’t know what I’d do if I was super tall. You see, I’m willing to do something things that scare me (like climbing mountains with nothing by my running shoes and a rope to hang on to…in the snow no less), you just have to be patient with me and give the time I need to get up or down. At least I didn’t get a headache/light-headed from lack of air like my Dad and sister. They practically raced up…as much as you can race up. Actually, the funniest thing was that my cell phone rang while I was in the middle of climbing. I answered it (the first thought that ran through my head was someone in our party needed to get my attention…but now I realize they could have just yelled) and it was a man from the company where I have my insurance here. He was talking rather rapidly (actually, it was normal speed, but for me it seemed fast) in French, but I got the jist of what he was saying. Something about needed some more information from me and maybe something changing hands, but I don’t really know. I was more concerned with him finishing so I could tell him I was a little bit preoccupied. When he finished I explained that I was (literally) climbing a mountain in Switzerland at the moment and wouldn’t be back until the weekend. He realized I would not be able to deal with it then (or in the next few days) and told me to have a good vacation.

For lunch we at up there. There is actually a little igloo shaped restaurant up there. And when I say little I mean, there’s one guy working and about maybe 5 tables  that can fit 4 or 5 people. That actually sounds like a lot more people than it looked like it could hold, but at full capacity it would have been very loud and crowded in there. There were a lot of tables outside for more people though. We had sandwiches and warmed up. Of course, I was hot except for my butt which was wet (and later wet and very cold) from sliding on some snow. On our way down we missed the second cable car. This high up the last two (or first two on the way down) only ran once every half hour during the summer, or at least during the week during the summer. So we went in that restaurant to stay warm and bought a hot chocolate and my Dad bought a plate of fries. It was 8 CHF (Swiss Francs) for two hot chocolates and 9 CHF for the plate of fries. This is expensive! But not really for the mountains. Consider how long it takes for all the supplies to get up there…

After getting back down we took the boys back home for their naps. Dad and Lisa did a little more exploring and Mom, Greg, and Adeline were going to do some grocery shopping. Then ended up waiting a little while because were we all tired from our hike up in the mountains. Instead of taking the third cable car down we took the trail, which was very calm and easy, but still tiring after all the other stuff. I ended up almost finishing the book Lisa brought for me (that VG gave her!) to read. Go me!

Mom, Jean, and I (that’s right, Jean-Go got here and was barely here before he was coerced into making the salad dressing) made dinner. Mom did most of it, but I helped a little. We had spaghetti, garlic bread, and salad. After eating we filled the dishwasher and Mom washed the leftover dishes while I dried. I’m finally in here writing. Way too much. I’m sitting here falling asleep and I still have to take my shower and I wasn’t planning on writing that much, but there you go.

I was going to take the picture from my sister’s camera, but she’s already put them all on my Dad’s computer and deleted them from her camera. And since my all-purpose adapter that I’m borrowing from Greg and Adeline is too big (the prongs) to fit in Swiss outlets (and my Dad has taken over Lisa’s) I have no way to charge my iPod or my camera (both of which are dead) and I’m running off of computer battery, even though I was promised I would be able to use Lisa’s adapter. She doesn’t read this anyway so I can say whatever I want about her! And my parents won’t be reading right now because they’re here sharing my day.

My day is now over though, so I won’t bore you anymore. ‘Night!!!!

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