What a day

Yesterday we stopped at an ancestral farm in the Alsace region of France. Unfortunately no one was there so we just took a bunch of pictures and my Mom left a note with her email address. After that we headed to Strasbourg to our hotel. After getting situated we went ‘out on the town’. We had a quick peek inside the Notre Dame de Strasbourg cathedral which is quite impressive. We had supper in a restaurant that required us to walk up three flights of stairs (I think), but was really neat with really good sauerkraut (or so I was told, I don’t eat the stuff). Then it was back to the hotel for bed. I’m on my sister’s iPad because i didn’t want to get out my computer (it’s 11pm and we’ve been busy and driving all day), but I think my computer would have been faster!

Today we went to a castle in Alsace, a really huge castle. I won’t get into it tonight and I can’t remember how to spell the name, but it was part of the Holy Roman German Empire for a while and part of the Hapsburg family and during the 1900s who was a part of the restoration taking it from ruins to something that could be used to help people get a glimpse of life in the Middle Ages. I believe it was first built int the 12th century. I bought a little book about so I can expand later, b

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