Today I’m cheating ^_^. I don’t know if there’s internet or not at our hotel tomorrow night. There was one of the hotels that doesn’t have it included, you have to ask, and I don’t think it’s worth paying for it just to write my blog (even though this is important).

The plan for today as far as I knew of last night was to head to France and find an old farm, the homestead of my Mother’s family. At least that’s how I understand it. Maybe it’s not the old homestead, but it is supposed to have been in the family. I think maybe a castle as well, but maybe that’s for tomorrow! Tonight we’re staying in Strasbourg before heading off to Verbier on Monday.

So at least this is something. Tomorrow’s post will be a lot longer because it will have details for two days. Hope you enjoyed this under-1000-word-post ^_^. It’s a relief isn’t it? 😛

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