One Big Happy Family

It’s honestly like I haven’t been gone at all. My family loves each other, we really do. Except that it might not be that obvious if a stranger were to hear us bickering. My Mom bears the brunt of the teasing and she puts up with it well. It’s true, Dad, Lisa, and I kind of gang up on her. It’s just so easy. Maybe it’s because we love her best ^_^. Today we had lunch in Louvain-la-Nueve. We stopped at Sybille’s place, they got the tour and we were originally going to walk, but none of them have rain jackets! Here or at home. So we drove to the city center and parked in the underground parking. We ate at a restaurant called Le Cambridge. I thought that was neat because in Canada we live near Cambridge, Ontario. Because they’re in season and my Dad loves sea food he had the mussels and fries. Lisa had the Tagliatelle with shrimp, Mom and I had Macaroni Gratiné with ham. I think Sybille and Greg had a steak with salad and fries and I’m not sure what Adeline had. We then walked around LLN and I saw things up close or from different angles that I’ve never seen before. Lisa also decided that my idea to go see a movie was a good one.

One thing that’s really neat in LLN is that for 4 weeks in the summer they build a big beach in the square. They have a trampoline and one of those big, blow-up jumping playthings. There are umbrellas all over and even bar set up. I think it’s a really cool thing especially when the nearest beach is around 3 hours away. We in Ontario are used to having beaches within an hour or so. Or even big ponds with mini beaches that are a lot closer.

After walking around for a while we did a little grocery shopping. I found this thing that cuts out the center of a head of lettuce, but it didn’t have the price on it. We took it to find out. I guess Greg just stuck it in the baby bag instead of the cart so it wouldn’t get buried. Except that Adeline went out into the mall to wait with the boys…with the lettuce contraption. They had almost finished ringing everything through when my Mom remembered it and came to check. She took it back and they paid for it, but I just thought it was really funny that unbeknownst to us, we were ‘would-be’ thieves.

After getting home my Dad wanted to check out the bakery. We needed to get bread for sandwiches anyway so the 4 of us walked over. We ended up getting a loaf of bread, an eclair for Bastien, bread with chocolate for Mom, Lisa and I got a chocolate twist, (Dad didn’t want anything) and for dessert we got a sugar pie (tarte au sucre). The pie wasn’t the best tarte au sucre I’ve had, but it was still good. We had a BBQ tonight and the special was exploding sausage. Actually, it was just one sausage that exploded, I just thought it was funny. After the meal and before dessert we had Camembert cheese that had been heated up on the BBQ. So it’s all melted and you just dip bread in it.

Other than that, this evening before dinner Mom and Lisa napped a bit…both in my room. Lisa, of course, because I’m sharing with her. I don’t think my Mom intended to fall asleep in my bed, but there you have it. I answered some email, read some blog posts, Tweeted. After supper we discussed a little about tomorrow (I wanted to know when we are leaving, it’s kind of an important detail :P) and now I’m here. I still have to pack and shower, but it shouldn’t take me that long.

I guess my Dad thinks it’s so strange when I speak French. There are times when I keep forgetting they don’t know what we’re saying! Obviously we’re all speaking English, but we have to translate stuff between them and Bastien and if I’m just talking to Greg and Adeline I do the same like always, as much in French as possible.



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