Bonne Fête Nationale à la Belgique!

20 days ago my parent’s annual Canada Day party fireworks show was rained out. Today, on Belgium’s National Day it is also raining. It was nice all day, it didn’t start raining until about 7pm.

I don’t know why, but this morning was absolute torture getting up. I ended up starting my walk at 6:10am…6:10! So late. You could see the sun trying to peek around the clouds, but it was also quite foggy. I only saw 3 cars and a tractor the entire hour. Walking that early on a holiday was nice, people aren’t going to work! By the time I got back both boys were up. I heard them as I was walking in the door. Mostly it was Bastien shouting ‘Mom, Dad, I went pee in the potty!’. Every time he goes (in the early morning, late at night when he’s already in bed) he has to make sure to tell his parents. So I went upstairs, changed Sylvain and took the boys down for breakfast. We played for a couple of hours and then Greg and Adeline got up, had their breakfast, I changed Sylvain and got him dressed, and they got Bastien dressed.

This morning we went to Waterloo for a little National Day celebrating and a garage sale. Bastien rode a pony and another ride. Oh my goodness…why can’t I remember what it’s called? I guess it’s because I don’t go to fairs that much! It’s that rid where there are cars and bikes and horses and airplanes and kids sit in/on them and it goes around in a circle. I’m loosing it, honestly. Bastien also went fishing for ducks and for an elephant prize. An elephant that makes a noise, but only one, and he kept playing it over and over and over and over and…. He only stopped when Adeline asked him to. I had a fruit beer, a nice red, fruity beer. Because of course, where there’s a lot of Belgians there is a lot of beer! One thing that is so different from North America is (sometimes) when you get a beer or food at things like this they give you glasses and real plates. There are some disposable things, but not everything. For example; the fries were in disposable containers, but Greg’s omelet, our drinks (minus Bastien’s apple juice), and the wooden platter with cheese were all real, washable items. Other than the risk of things breaking I think this is great because it cuts down on waste.

After Waterloo we returned home with the plan of putting the boys down for their naps. Well, they went down (or up I should say), but they didn’t sleep. Bastien might have slept for half and hour, but Sylvain didn’t at all. Well, he did on the ride home (actually, so did I!). Greg went out to mow the lawn and trim some more bushes, Adeline went to do pick up a few things from the grocery store, and I was on kid duty. Eventually we gave up and they got up. After that we went to the hall (where Bastien’s school hosted a carnival event in March) and Bastien got to play with a bunch of other kids and there were drinks, ice cream, chips, and socializing. It really started to cool down (I think the high today was 22°) and the wind started to pick up. Eventually the sky got really dark, like 9pm dark and it was only 6:30. It started to rain shortly after we got home which was awesome timing because we were outside the entire time. I think there’s another party going on around here, but seeing as how we all have an early morning tomorrow we’re not going. As it is, I won’t get to bed until after 10 and 4:30 is going to come early (this is so I can take my walk before we leave for the airport).

So we got home, fed the boys, gave them a bath, and finally, put them to bed. Sylvain was actually falling asleep while drinking his bottle. After I had taken it from him he leaned over the side of his chair and it looked like he was just looking at the floor. I called him name and he jerked up a little bit as if waking up. He was awake enough during his bath though which was good and bad. Bad because he’s so hard to dress when he’s trying to look at his brother. Heck, he’s hard to dress any time with his squirming. Squirmy Sylvain.

Like I said before, tomorrow is fast approaching and I still have to dry my hair before bed. Only about 10.5 hours now!

You can sort of see my little flag in my window with my Canadian flag bag-tag. Yeah for patriotism!

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