Happy Days!

So today I was checking out my stats page on here and I scrolled down where I have never scrolled before and noticed that I could see how many people subscribe to my blog. I have 6 subscribers. 6! You have no idea how excited this makes me. Some have been subscribed for a while and I never knew it. Of course I’m not writing to have a large audience, I’m mostly writing for myself, but it’s still really cool to know that there are people (who I don’t know) who find what I do interesting enough to keep coming back. Thank you! Thank you as well for those of you who keep coming back, but haven’t subscribed. ^_^

This morning I walked towards Meeffe, like I’ve done a lot lately. This time, instead of turning right after the church, I turned left. I’ve been down this street before, just coming from the other direction. One thing I noticed this morning though was a side road, a dead-end. So I though I’d see how far down I could get before I had to turn around. I’m not sure how much further it goes, but thankfully, because of time, I didn’t have to worry about trying/wanting to cross a large puddle that looked to have been at least ankle-deep in some parts. Bad idea to walk through that in running shoes(especially since I can’t get my Nike+ chip wet).

I spent all of my time before lunch cleaning out my memory card in my camera (ie. actually saving the 300+ photos that have been on there for a while to my computer) so that I have lots of room for next week and organizing my iTunes. Even though I have way too many pictures from the last time I was in Verbier, it will be different this time for 2 reasons: 1)no snow and 2) my family will be there with me. I won’t take as many, but still. I still haven’t re-added all my music to iTunes and I wanted to do that (or more of it) before Friday, but I’m not sure now if I’ll get a chance. I did a little today, but there’s still so much more music to add. A little while ago I made a Nike+ playlist. The thing is, I can’t (as far as I know) shuffle this playlist during a workout. You choose the playlist you want, click begin workout and all you can do is hit the arrows to go back and forth between songs. So when I’ve listened to a quarter of the songs on the list one day, I have to stand there and flip through till I get to where I left off the next day. After adding more music to this playlist I had an idea. The original playlist is now 4.1 hours long. Since my walks are at least 1 hour (more if I can drag myself out of bed earlier) I decided to make a playlist for the 5 weekdays. Mon-Thurs are each 1 hour-long (I just chose random songs for each from the original). Friday’s playlist is my favourites from the other 4. It’s a little longer than an hour, but that’s ok. This way I’ll be listening to different music every day and I’ll hear all the songs in the playlist at least once. I think it’s a great idea.

Today Adeline and I put the finishing-finishing touches on the house cleaning/organizing. She vacuumed and organized and I’m not sure what else and I washed windows. Inside and out (I opened them from the inside). At this point of the day the sun was shining and it got a little warm. Then it cooled down and looked like rain, but it hasn’t rained yet. I guess you guys at home are in the middle of a heat wave right now….I’m sure my Dad will be super happy to come to the cooler weather we’re having.

We also moved Sylvain’s bed over so tonight he’s in Bastien’s room. Since tomorrow I’m getting up early anyway to go for my walk, I told Greg and Adeline that when the boys wake up I’ll take care of them by myself and they can sleep in a bit. They liked that idea. I mean why not? I’m up anyway. I should be back before they get up so it will work out great. Everybody needs a little break once in a while. Tomorrow we’ll be taking care of some outdoor work; mowing the lawn, weeding, etc. That will be good to do during nap time because Bastien can’t play outside yet, he’s still sick. He had a fever again today.

Just over 33 hours now! I can’t believe it’s finally here. Really. I’m excited for the driving next week. I love road trips with my family. Am I odd or what? Well, we all know I’m odd, that was a silly question. Half the time we don’t even talk, we just sit in the car doing our own thing which for me used to be reading, but now I just get nauseous if I do that. Or Lisa and I will have our headphones on with our music. I think it’s just being together knowing we’re going somewhere special. I think part of it is the ‘comfy-ness’ of it. Lisa and I always have pillows and blankets for long car rides. Even when we don’t need them! This hearkens back to the long trips to Illinois to visit family. My parents would pick us up right from school sometimes (or maybe that only happened once) and we’d drive through the night. One time our van caught on fire. I remember while my Dad was checking it out (I believe it was underneath) and my Mom was trying to flag somebody down (oh the days before cell phones, do you remember them?) Lisa and I were still in the van. It was smoking up in there (I’m not sure why we were still inside) and I found it was a lot easier to breathe under my sleeping bag. Finally we exited the vehicle, laid a sleeping back down on the grass, and sat on it. My Mom ended up getting the attention of an off duty police officer out with his wife. They gave us a candy each. We also got to sit in the back of a State Trooper car. That night we stayed in a motel. I’m not sure what else all went down or what was the cause of the fire, but soon we were on our way. I have many fond memories of road trips with the family. Like being cocooned in a sleeping bag, blanket, pillows all surrounded by luggage and things. It was in one of those 7-seat vans with the two seats in the back. Just big enough with all that stuff for me to stretch out a big. Because of course, surrounded as I was with stuff, road trips meant no seat-belt! Or sometimes we’d be really bad and wear them improperly so we could lie down, but we’d have them on and could fix them if we got pulled over. We were sneaky, Lisa and I ^_^.

I think that’s enough of a tangent for tonight. Have a good one :D.













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  1. Carol

     /  July 20, 2011

    Hey Holly,
    I don’t get to read your blog every day, but when I do, I always remember my European trip many years ago. It was just 6 weeks long, and with a friend, and we didn’t even stop in Belgium. But I remember thinking how much fun it would be to live somewhere in Europe….and you are doing it!!

    Now, my son Jeremy is doing some travelling (all music related). He’ll be back in Europe in September to audition for 2 schools; one in Austria, and one in Brussels !! I just thought I’d let you know. I don’t even know the exact dates (somewhere around Sept 12 in Belgium, I believe, and later probably in Salzburg), or how close Brussels is to you, but I just thought it was interesting.

    It sounds like you’ve had quite a year, and I’ll keep checking your blog once in a while. Keep writing!!


    • Thanks for reading when you can! That’s the great thing about a blog is it’s always here and it doesn’t clog up your inbox ^_^. Belgium is great, but I think I will want to settle down in Canada, it’s home. I’m actually only about 50-60minutes from Brussels and if he needs help or anything while he’s there he can contact me. I know I’m planning on visiting a friend in London some weekend in September, but I don’t know when exactly. But other than that I’m here.

      These last 6 months have just flown by. I’m learning so much; about myself, about kids, about cooking ^_^.



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