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That’s what that line tells me to do everyday, and everyday it’s a struggle to create a title that’s interesting, relevant, and eye-catching. Some times inspiration strikes (like I want to strike at all these flies that won’t leave me alone!) and I get lucky, but most of the time I got nothin’.

Dad! Before I forget you should know that right now it’s mussel season in Belgium. Mussels and fries is a very common dish at this time of year. That’s what is normally in the Paëlla, mussels and shrimp.

So the past few days have been overcast, cool, and sometimes rainy. Today it warmed up and the sun came out. Then I left to pick up the boys. That’s when disaster struck! Okay, so not disaster, but the clouds rolled in all thick and black and I just knew it was going to start raining any minute. It started spitting as I was walking up to the house. And then…downpour. Remember that crazy wicked storm from the other week? Well, it rained like it did that day, just not for as long. I waited a little bit to see if it would let up and give me enough time to get the boys to the car without taking my second shower of the day (I only had my hoodie, no jacket), but I soon realized it wasn’t going to stop any time soon. So out we went. There was a little lightning and some thunder, but not much. It was hard to see because the rain was coming down so hard and my windshield was all fogged up. Between getting that cleared up and the rain I couldn’t hear what he was saying when Bastien tried to talk to me.

By the time we got past the school in Ambresin and passed the intersection that would take you to Hannut, I had to cross a ‘lake’. It was a section of road near the cemetery that was really bad off the last time as well. Muddy, muddy water. There was another section farther up, but not quite as bad (or as muddy). Then of course, a few minutes after arriving home it stops. And nothing since then.

Speaking of not fun times, Sylvain got his first bad ‘boo boo’ today. Catherine had to go into the kitchen so for securities sake she put Sylvain in the play-pen. Of course he stood up right away. Well, while he was standing there one of the other boys (older, but not as old as Bastien) went up to him and pinched his cheek. He pinched it hard enough to draw blood. Sylvain has an upside down crescent-shaped mark under his eye now. It’s kind of right in the middle of his left cheek, next to his nose. The area right around it is a little swollen and red, but apart from a little crying when it happened, he’s fine. In fact, today he was practically racing around. I’ve never seen him move so fast so often.

Tonight for dinner we had chicken, potatoes, and salad. The chicken was poached, a technique Adeline picked up from me (and I picked up from my Mom, thanks Mom!) and the salad was a kind of ‘do-it-yourself’ affair. We (well, I took forever with the carrots so Adeline ended up doing the rest) cut up, sliced, and shredded veggies and put them all in separate containers so that we could put what we wanted on our salads as well as having ready veggies for the next couple days. This makes it easy for Greg and Adeline to take them for lunch, etc. Again, it was a struggle getting Bastien to eat. I don’t have any real experience in this area, so I’m at a loss as to what to suggest/do.

I feel like there’s a million and one things I want/need to do before Friday, but I can’t think of them all. Maybe it’s just a feeling I get from being excited/anxious.

Also, I’ve hung my flag (and bag-tag) up in my window for Thursday. I might have to try something else though because the tape keeps slipping. I’ll have to take a picture tomorrow, you can actually see it quite well. I wasn’t sure how it would look with the bag-tag on top of the flag, but it works. In case you’ve forgotten (or I haven’t actually mentioned it yet) Thursday is Belgium’s National Day. And then…..up and at ’em early the next morning! Greg is off work now so I’m not sure who is all going to pick them up. I’ll just make sure I’m up and ready to go by 5:45am :D.

I almost forgot, it’s not that exciting, but I did some shopping today. I went (again) to that sports/outdoors store in Wavre, but this time it was to get a pair of shoes. They’re like running shoes, but open on top with two straps of velcro. I saw them the other day, but didn’t get them. I wanted to get them because I don’t always want to wear my running shoes when I got sight-seeing or just running around (not literally running) because it’s hot, or it doesn’t go with my outfit (:P), but with my sandals or flats that I have it makes walking that much harder because I have to make a conscious effort to keep the footwear on my feet. I can never get lucky with flats, I don’t know if it’s because I have wide feet or what, but they’re either to small, or just a little to big to the slip off with ease. And of course they have no support and that’s why my arches and feet always hate me. These are super light-weight and breathable. And give me more support than the others while at the same time making it easier for me to walk. Duh Holly, being able to walk is kind of important. I know, I know, but running shoes just aren’t always ‘cool’ don’t you know. There were two different colours. One was a light beige on the outside with an awesome fluorescent green on the inside. The other (the one’s I bought) are black on the outside and fluorescent purple on the inside. I was torn. Green is my favourite colour and I really liked how they looked. But I’m always thinking ‘black goes with everything’ (even when it’s not true) and I figured they wouldn’t look as dirty after a while. I guess, black goes with most of my clothes. It’s just universal, more so than beige. And I’m not trying to impress Stacey and Clinton so they can just go shove it. I know (or I think I know) exactly what they would say about my wardrobe. Most of the time I just don’t care. Boo. Sometimes I try, and sometimes I just want to be comfortable and am not going anywhere so I should be able to wear track pants if I want to. That was totally random. I do not want to start a What Not to Wear rant.

On the way home I stopped at this Fritterie on the side of the road for lunch. I’ve always wanted to stop there (maybe it’s because it’s the first Fritterie I remember noticing) and I thought ‘why not today?’.

And that was my day. How was yours?


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  1. Haha love the Stacey and Clinton reference. Thanks for the read!


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