Where does all this energy come from?

Bastien’s, not mine. I don’t get it. He hardly eats anything! Yet this afternoon he was bouncing off the walls. We played for a while with his rope, dragging me around the house. Then I put Sylvain down and Bastien and I played upstairs while Adeline made dinner. Tonight they managed to get Bastien to eat most of his plate, but it took a while. Bath time was loud as well. It doesn’t help that Bastien can’t play outside because he’s sick. He has ‘mean/evil germs’. Les microbes mechant. He needs to just go outside, run around, and scream all he wants. That will help get it out of his system.

So while it may be 4 sleeps for me, for my family their journey starts after 3. I don’t know how much they’ll sleep on the plane. I wonder what movies they’ll have to watch.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for today. I should hit the hay so I can get up easier tomorrow. At least with it being so chilly and windy it wakes me up once I get out there…


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