And so it begins…

…the longest (or shortest) week of my sojourn in Belgium. Friday will be an early morning, well, even earlier than normal. We have to leave around 6:30am to get to the airport and where we need to be to pick them up in time. Not sure if I’m going to do a walk on Friday or not. Maybe I’ll be so excited I won’t be able to sleep so getting up for 3:30/4am won’t be hard.

Today we spent some time organizing different things in the house for when they get here. Well, Adeline and Greg did most of it, I just dusted a few things that haven’t been dusted in a while. Even with a chair I was a little short for some things, but I managed. I read through 3 chapters of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe today. I haven’t picked it up in months! Although, if you take the French title and translate it back, they actually make more work for themselves. This is what the French title says: Le Lion, la Sorcière Blanche et l’Armoire magique. So, The Lion, the White Witch, and the Magic Wardrobe. Just adding unneeded words :D. It’s the only one of the 7 titles which does that. Just thought you’d all want to know that bit of trivia.

Today they also transferred a bed from Sybille’s to here for my parents to use. It’s not set up yet because that will involve moving Sylvain’s bed, but Bastien’s room is ready for him! Adeline worked pretty hard the other day organizing stuff. I would have helped, but that’s the day I fell asleep with my contacts in. If I would have checked to see what she was doing I wouldn’t have even started playing that game on my iPod. Oh well.

Also, I just found out today that my neighbours are moving. The one’s on the hill with the chicken farm. So by the time I get home there will be new neighbours. We haven’t had new neighbours in that house for, let me see, 13 years? Around there anyway. Before that, the changeover would be every 1 or 2 years. It was hard because you would make friends and then they’d leave. I remember for about a year and a half there was a family who lived there and they had two older boys. One was about 3 years older than me (Josh), the other exactly a year older than me (Ben). Josh and Ben taught Lisa and I how to trow a baseball properly, not like ‘girls’. That is when my obsession with the name Ben started…or at least once I started liking boys, I was only 9 or so when they moved away. Oh no, I’ve revealed something quite personal just now. Ha ha. Actually, it’s not that much of a secret that I like that name. Maybe the secret is how much…. Enough about that. My fingers are running away again, intent on divulging things I don’t wish to divulge in this space. As sad as it was sometimes to see people go, I think it was always kind of exciting to see who would be the next to move in. For me, cycling through neighbours was a constant growing up, something I could count on happening even if I didn’t want it to. That, and for a few years, the random, horrible accidents that happened on our road….

FYI; gravel is very dangerous! Please keep to a 60km speed limit if: you are unfamiliar with gravel/the road, there is ice or snow, it is winter so there is a chance of ice and/or snow, you are a new driver, you are an old driver, you are a distracted driver, you may have had one too many with your friends (in which case, why are you driving at all?!?!), it is spring so everything is muddy, people are walking/cycling (hey, those little stones hurt like a you-know-what when flung at you from a vehicle driver 80-100km/hour), children are playing, it is Sunday, people are mowing their lawns, it is dusk/dawn, it is night, it is day, it is raining, the sun is shining but again, it’s winter so there just might be black ice (I learned that the hard way), there is fresh gravel, you are sane. Basically, just don’t drive too fast on gravel. Sure, if you live on the road or drive gravel everyday, going 60km/hour can chafe a bit. I myself sometimes drive 80. Seriously though, not only does it damage your vehicle, you can seriously hurt yourself or someone else, especially if they’ve just resurfaced the road. As much fun as flying can be, when you’re sitting in your vehicle and it’s flying through the air and brushing against tree trunks, possible landing upside down all because you want to drive like a bat-out-of-hell on a side road, it really sucks and I imagine is not fun at all. The aftermath certainly isn’t fun to look at. Don’t mean to be a downer, but this could save lives!!!! On that note, don’t drive too slow either. It really ticks off the people who live around there and just want to drive normally and since gravel roads aren’t super wide it makes passing really dangerous. And if you are uncomfortable and someone is riding your arse because you’re only driving 40 of 50, pull over! A drive-way, the side of the road, it doesn’t matter, just pull off a bit to let them pass you. It will save everyone a lot of frustration.

Ok, so most of this post turned into a rant about driving. I tend to rant a lot. When this year is over I’ll have to create a new section of this blog just for my ranting. That way I can get it out without my family having to listen to me all the time!

This is what happens when I initially don’t have much I’m going to write about and then I just get the itch to type and my thoughts go every which way and I can’t control myself. Then you have a 300 or so word post that turns into a 1000 or so word post. End scene!

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  1. I spent a minute in Belgium some years ago. Went to a raggae concert and had the best time. First time I’d ever seen girls partnering to dance. Wished I could’ve spent more time there.

    • It’s a pretty great country. I’m going for a tour of Brussels August 1st and all over with my family after that. I’m looking forward to Brugge and well, a lot of places. Great chocolate and great beer!

    • Thanks for coming to check out my blog!


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