No, there’s no type. I’m talking about the Belgian beer not the planet! When I first saw signs for this beer around, I honestly thought the ‘L’ was a ‘T’. Then I looked closely at one sign and thought it was misspelled. Phaw! It’s my eyes that can’t see properly. It seems to be a really common beer, all over the place. It’s not as strong as that Peach one I drank last time (only 5.2%) and reminds me the most of the Canadian beer I’ve had. Just your basic blonde beer. I’m sitting here drinking one…that’s where this is coming from ^_^.

Today is my Dad’s birthday so everyone should just shout out ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE!’ wherever you are whether you know him or not ^_^. I gave him a call a little over an hour ago and he was telling me about this big job they have coming up and how he’s the only one that knows all about it. Thankfully because of the time change the only time he should be busy answering emails is early morning and in the evenings. I also called my Grandma to give her belated birthday greetings (it was July 9th) and she seemed really happy to hear from me. I didn’t actually say who it was I just said hello, thought she recognized my voice and then said ‘I can’t talk too long, it’s really expensive’. Then she said ‘oh Holly!’. I miss all my family, but especially my Grandma. I did live with her for 5 years during university after all. I’ve sent her a couple of letters, but she doesn’t have a computer so I can’t email her and she doesn’t read my blog. I thought a phone call would be nice. I’ll have to call my other Grandparents on my Grandma Jean’s birthday next month. I’ve seen/talked with them all on Skype at Easter so it hasn’t been that long.

Blurgh. This morning I put my contacts in because it was a sunny day and my glasses were bugging me. This was after my walk. I took the garbage out and did a few other things before sitting down on the couch in my room and playing some solitaire on my iPod. I then proceeded to fall asleep…with my contacts in. Now, I have the Hydroclear Oasis one’s that don’t get too dry if you sleep with them in. But mine are a few months old. Since I don’t where them everyday, I’m not going to throw out a pair after only 1 month! I have 6 pairs that have to last me the year. I just opened the 2nd pair today :P. I truly am my Father’s daughter. He’ll wear one pair for 6 months or more. And he’ll wear them every day. I’m not that bad though. I also react the same to bad driver’s and technological problems. I’ve always known this deep down, but it was again presented to me by my Mother the other day on Skype when I started saying ‘strong words’ at my computer. Hey, I wasn’t actually cursing…I don’t think. I think it was something like stupid computer, which is not bad at all. Unless said with the tone of voice I was using. It’s last over 6 years, I truly am grateful even if I don’t show it. Any who, so I fell asleep with my contacts in and when I woke up I had all kind of goop in my eyes. Yellow goopy goop. And it was coming out all afternoon! I hope those of you who are squeamish at the slightest of things weren’t eating or anything :P. So my eyes are angry at me, but at least those contacts are one step closer to their final resting place: the dump.

This afternoon I went to that wicked cool everything sports store in Wavre. Before that I returned a pair of gardening gloves for Adeline. I had to take a different exit and then find my way back. And I did it. Sort of. Ha ha. I was following the signs, I swear. I was supposed to take the 8a (or at least that’s how I knew to get there), but the 8 came up first and it was really close to the 8a and I accidentally took that. Then I was driving (thinking I could turn around somewhere close) when I could have taken another exit which would have brought me I think close to where I needed to go. Yeah, kind of missed it. So I had to keep driving until finally the highway turned into a roundabout and I could make my way back. After this I got to where I needed to go without any trouble. But now I know. And at least now I’m comfortable enough with place names that I can find my way back (as long as I’m in an area with familiar-ish place names!). Go me! The point of this little jaunt was to pick up something I almost got the last time I was there. It’s for my water bag, to clean it. The only instructions it comes with are three pictures. So I’m making some assumptions that a) seem like common sense to me and b) won’t make me look/sound like an idiot who’s lacking all common sense (I swear I still have some left, I only have my Bachelor’s after all, not a Master’s or Doctorate.) The main part is a piece of plastic that’s in a rectangular shape and a hook at the top. It’s collapse-able and goes inside the bag. I’m going to assume when empty to help keep it open to dry. Then there’s another piece that’s like a long snake with a pipe cleaner on the end and I know that’s for cleaning the tube.  It’s meant to go with a different design/brand, but I think it will help with mine anyway and it was cheap.

Then I picked up the boys, took them home got Bastien  a snack, tried to put Sylvain down for a nap (he needed it, but wasn’t having any of that!), brought Sylvain back downstairs, fed him some ‘fruit’, put him back upstairs (he was out pretty quickly), played a bit with Bastien and then we watched Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Friday is one of those confusing days. It’s the weekend, but he still goes to school or the babysitter’s. He can only watch TV on the weekends. I don’t remember him asking every day this week to watch some (like he has in the past; and either he didn’t ask as much or I’m just so used to it I don’t notice it anymore) so I thought it might be nice for the two of us to sit together. He went and played outside while I got supper ready (Adeline bought a small Quiche for the two of us while grocery shopping today, thanks Adeline!). We ate and he went outside to play some more while I cleaned up. I made that deal with him because he didn’t want to eat. He didn’t eat much at lunch and his temperature was just a tad over normal. After waking up from his nap he was fine. Sylvain woke up around 9:30/45 or so (well, I woke him up so he could have his bottle). I knew that if I didn’t get him up to eat he’d wake up in the middle of the night, probably just after Greg and Adeline would get to bed. Oh yeah, they’re out watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2. It’s just the one movie though, so they’ll be home before 3am. Bastien was still up at 10:30. He called me upstairs to help him put his diaper back on because he had gotten up to go pee. That’s great because he’s getting further along to being fully potty trained, but I knew he hadn’t been to sleep yet because I’d been up there 3 times since 9pm – which was when we finished his story and I put him to bed – and he was singing or chatting to himself every single time. A little late, I know, but he was so wide awake and time kind of got away from me. I think he’s asleep now, I’m going to go check once I’m finished here.

After putting Sylvain back to bed (after his nightly routine of cream and pj’s) I was worried he wouldn’t go to sleep very quickly because he had just slept for 3.5 hours. At first it seemed like he would stay awake for a while, but by the time the music stopped playing I heard nothing from the baby phone and I haven’t since then.

All this talk of kids sleeping and goopy, red, burning eyes makes me want to go to sleep. I’ll go check on Bastien and then I think that’s it for me. My eyelids are winning this battle despite my plan to read more of the blogs I’m subscribed to. I have a few to catch up on. But not tonight. Well, the kitchen it tidied, the dishwasher clean (but not emptied), kids are in bed and asleep (I hope), TV turned off, all the lights off, the doors locked. Ok. I can go to bed. Even Shanga (the cat) has food. I have the baby phone so I’ll hear, well, Sylvain at least. Greg and Adeline should be home within the hour or so and I don’t think I’ll have any more issues with Bastien. Actually, issues is the wrong word. He was good tonight. Bah! Why am I still sitting here? GOOD NIGHT!

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