If you’re reading this…

…it means I didn’t post after the movie. I just wanted to make sure some kind of post went up!

Greg and Adeline were supposed to go with Aurore and Jeff to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, Parts 1 & 2, but do to circumstances of not being able to take tomorrow off (Greg) and being super tired because Bastien woke her up at 3am and she didn’t really get back to sleep (Adeline) they’re not going. So I’m taking one of the tickets.

Part 1: 9pm

Part 2: Midnight.

So I’m expecting to be there till about 3am. It’s in LLN so I have time to get back and actually write a post before 6am our time (midnight Canada time), but if I don’t do it for some reason, this will have to do!

Well. I’m back. So I am posting after the movie. It’s 3:05 and the drive home was a little rough because I’m so tired. I’ve been up for 22 hours after all. I thought of just staying up and going out at the first hint of light, but then I realized that any walk I would do would be more of a stumble. I’ll just go out later in the afternoon.

It was neat, seeing them back to back. It was almost like it was one movie. Although, the 2nd was in 3D. You have to pay for the glasses, but then you get to keep them. Of course, I wore my glasses (even though they’re not the right prescription so I can’t see as well) because I was going to be up so late. It was not cool wearing my glasses and 3D glasses on top. After a while I sort of got used to it, but my nose felt strange at first. So strange that I almost couldn’t stand it. Because I wear my glasses a lot more now than when I got them I’ve started to not feel them and sometimes forget I’m wearing them. Well, I can feel them right now…and the phantom feel of the 3D glasses. I have to get them off of my face or I’ll got crazy! Which means it’s time to say goodnight.

Oh, and tonight was opening night in Belgium. When is it in Canada? Friday? Just sayin’. ‘Night!

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