Who really needs a title anyway?

This morning I decided to walk somewhere new. Well, not new exactly, but new to my 6am walks. I walked toward Meeffe (been there, done that) which from our door isn’t even 2km. I knew that on that main street were a lot of houses with dogs. I didn’t know if they would be out this early or not, but I do know that if they were they would have barked like crazy even after I had passed. And who wants to be woken up by a barking dog at 6:15 in the morning? Actually, I can’t remember what time I got there, I left at 5:40 this morning. So I decided that once I got to the church I would take that side road. And what do I find? Two big dogs! And they barked…loudly. Thankfully they stopped as soon as I was passed the house, but still. So of course I come across new roads and I want to explore. And of course my exploring is cut short because I have to get back. I think I’ll go that way again tomorrow and take one of the other roads. The one problem with going to unknown places is that I have to walk through known places first. And that gets tedious. But it’s necessary so I’ll just suck it up and do it!

Today I just did some laundry, answered some emails, did some car rental research, Skyped with my parents, made gravy for the first time…. The meat was overcooked and tough and the gravy was pretty bland. Greg said it tasted good, but I think he was just being nice ;). Sylvain went down for a nap once we got home, and he actually slept until after supper was finished. I could hear him a bit while I was getting Bastien ready for bed, but he wasn’t crying so I just left him until I finished with Bastien. Sylvain was just sitting in his crib, looking at the wall (and I assume the toys he had dropped). I brought him down to eat while I finished cleaning up from supper and then he played for a bit before going to bed himself.

In case you’re wondering, Adeline and Greg both had things tonight, although Greg was here for supper.

We got some more things organized for when the family gets here. Oh! Which reminds me. I have some emails I need to send out. Gah, I’ll do that tomorrow, I’m tired. You’re probably thinking ‘oh boo hoo hoo Holly, you’re tired every day’. Well, that’s true. By 11pm I’m tuckered out. Makes sense though, I’m up by 5:20 every weekday now :P. Tomorrow looks like it’s going to be somewhat of a scorcher, but this weather app isn’t very reliable. Although usually it ends up being hotter than the app says, so if it says 27° I should plan for at least 32°.

I can’t believe how time flies! It’s already been 6 months. Crazy town right here. Right here at my computer desk, that’s where all the craziness is at. And sleepiness, and silliness as a result of sleepiness. Ok. Going to bed. Now. ‘Night!

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