Bastien the Big Brother

Bastien is turning out to be a great big brother. Before he used to just forcefully his toys away from Sylvain. Now, he’s gentle and he does it because they’re toys Sylvain shouldn’t be chewing on. He even asks politely if he can have them! It’s so adorable because you know Sylvain doesn’t know what Bastien’s asking him and he won’t answer. Also, we have a gate at the step going from the tv room to the kitchen, but not from the front hallway to the kitchen. Sylvain has come close to that step many times. Today, Bastien and I were in the tv room – Bastien playing with his drum – and Sylvain decided to take a little walk. As he walked through the doorway from the dining room to the hallway, Bastien jumped up and yelled ‘no Sylvain!’ and went to “save” him. Because if Sylvain kept going he might have gone towards the kitchen. I could still see half of him, so I was ok to leave him be at the moment. As soon as he would have disappeared I would have gone to check on him, but Bastien was all concerned. So cute! Bastien is also more patient with Sylvain, you know, if he’s crawling all over him or whatever. If Sylvain tries to touch Bastien’s face or hair, Bastien doesn’t like that because Sylvain scratches him (by accident) and I’m sure manages to pull his hair a bit.

Adeline and Greg had a wedding today so it was just me and the boys. Sylvain must have been tired because I got up around 7 to go to the washroom and heard him on the baby phone. When I got up later for breakfast he was still upstairs and sleeping. He woke up around 10:25 or so. He still managed a 3 hour nap this afternoon! Lunch was a bit of a trial, but I think that’s because he doesn’t like spinach :P. For snack he ate his banana/peach (or something like that) purée with no trouble, but lunch took a bit longer. Maybe he was tired. He did keep putting his hands on his head, but it hadn’t been that long since he woke up, only a couple of hours. I gave him some gel stuff for his gums also. I think it helped a bit. I didn’t have any problems once I put him down for his nap and he was in a better mood when he woke up. For a while. I’m not sure if the fruit was enough at snack time, because by the time I gave him his bottle at 7 – 2.5 hours after – he was crying and slobbering and not happy. He wanted that bottle! You don’t want to give it to him too early because you want him to sleep all night. And 7-7:30 is usually when he gets his bottle. He was quite content afterwards, so much so that I feel kind of guilty about not feeding him sooner.

Apart from an incident with the drum sticks, Bastien was very good today. The drum sticks he has (had) were homemade. One by Adeline and one by Bastien. They might be repairable I don’t know, but considering how much he likes to play his drums I’m not sure what caused him to wreck the sticks in the first place. Especially since he’d been told many times not to.

Also, I was hoping Sylvain’s bath would calm him down some (before he ate), but as soon as you start getting him dressed and putting his cream on he starts moving all over the place and it makes it really hard. He doesn’t like it because you stop him from going where he wants to go, and you get frustrated because you know it would take no time at all if he’d just lie still. Oh well. There’s always something right? It’s all the phases of growing up. He’s always wanting to stand. He’s getting really good at standing up on his own by grabbing on to something and he’s moving around pretty fast on all fours as well.

One last thing. While we were watching one of Bastien’s Diego videos I had Sylvain on my lap. It was an episode with a magic drum and they were constantly playing tap, tap tap-tap-tap (long, long, short-short-short). Well, at one point Sylvain was facing me and standing up and I swear he made sounds in that rhythm along with the tv. It only happened once, maybe twice, but I’m sure it happened! Maybe I was just hearing what I wanted to hear, but I’m going to say it happened. ^_^

Greg and Adeline got home just as Bastien was putting his stickers in his book (potty training exercise). So they joined us in Bastien’s room and played with Sylvain. Sylvain was crawling all over Bastien’s bed and Bastien climbed up into the top bunk. He’s really good at that part. Coming down is another story. He won’t even try without someone hanging on to him. Even if you’re right there if he did fall. The thing is, I think he’s done it before, but now he just gets all huffy and won’t do it. He’ll get there eventually, we’ll see how long it takes.

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