It’s like May 24 but in July…

If you’re from New Dundee, Ontario, Canada or the surrounding area you might get what I’m talking about. Then again, maybe not. It’s a very vague title. The May 24 long weekend, Victoria Day – garage sales! Sales all around town, plus vendors, free hot air balloon ‘rides’, a breakfast from the fire department, face painting, car show, etc, etc. When I was a kid they used to have this amazing fireworks show. It would take us 45 min. just to get home. By car, we lived about 5 min. out-of-town. The traffic was that bad.

Today in Ambresin there was a big brocante – a.k.a. garage sale. It’s actually a 3 day thing I guess. Adeline and I headed over there this afternoon and we got some pretty cool stuff. See that Belgian flag up top there? 1 euro. It’s just a mini one. I only had about 2 euros on me and the big one’s were 5 I think. But now I have one no matter what the size. Easier to pack. Does everyone remember those Fisher Price roller skates? The one’s that you can adjust the size and you just slide your shoe inside? Well, we came across two pairs and Adeline bought them for the boys. Bastien tried them out tonight (sans shoes), but of course Sylvain will have to wait a while – thank you Captain Obvious. And do you remember these markers that were really popular a few years back, the one’s where you blow into them? Adeline got some for Bastien. She also bought (for Greg) an all-purpose knife for a really good deal.

There was some really neat stuff, and the usual garage sale fare. There were some really awesome antiques that I think my Mom would have enjoyed looking at. The table where Adeline got the knife was a vendor. He spoke Dutch (or Flemish…). And French. AND English. Adeline spoke Dutch with him, then he was also helping another customer in French. Then there was something that one of them didn’t understand so he tried in English. I can’t get over that. People in North America are lazy when it comes to language. Not every one of course (just like not everyone here speaks more than one language), but most people don’t bother learning another language because they don’t have to. English is the ‘international language’ so we’re lazy because we already speak it. You would not catch many (if any) vendors like that who come to New Dundee who can speak not only their country’s two national languages, but also a third. Maybe you would and I don’t know because I speak English, but somehow I doubt it.

It also had a fair like feel to it with a swing ride and games to play. Of course the main intersection and the roads are closed off for a bit so when Adeline came home from picking up the boys she had to make a detour. But it makes for nice walking.

Speaking of walking. This morning I got up just a little earlier and did the almost 7km walk. Forgetting of course that a section of it was grass which would be wet that early in the morning. It wasn’t bad though and I got some nice pictures. Over the past two weeks, 9 days of taking walks, I’ve walked about 51km. I’ve made it to the next level on the Nike+ website (whatever that means). This morning I also got a message from Lance Armstrong telling me that I had walked my best km. So far my fastest 5km is about 58 min. Of course, I’m not racing here. So I don’t know, is that good or average? I need to get out and do one of my long ones so I can have a fastest time for 10km as well.

Both boys were tired and went down for naps as soon as they got home. When Bastien got up (and came down after his bath) he wanted to go back to bed. But after supper he played outside with his homemade drum (from Little Gym this week). I went out with him after a while (after Adeline had shown him how to use his new bouncing ball) and I took some pictures of him and his drum, of Freddy and his drum, of him and Freddy and his drum.

Also, beware all ye chickens! I now know how to cut you! Muwahahahaha…..hahaha….haha….ha. Ok, so maybe it’s not that big a deal, but I’ve never cut a chicken before and now I at least know how even if I wasn’t very good at it. A first is a first and I’m allowed to be excited. Man, I’m falling asleep at the keys here. I should call it quits.

Oh! I can’t forget to mention this candy we tried. But even though I read the name many times, Adeline told me, and I repeated it to myself, I still can’t remember. It’s le c-something. They’re little cone-shaped candies that are sort of soft/chewy, fruit flavours mostly, but there was also coffee that I saw and some others. It tastes like pure sugar and the center is a little syrupy. I only had one and it was a little overwhelming to say the least, good, but sweet. That’s what I get for not writing it down when I got home, or for not at least starting this post then.

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  1. Adeline

     /  July 10, 2011

    it’s a Cuberdon… yummy


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