My day in a nutshell

5:55am – 5.58km walk.

7:10am – breakfast set-up and readying Sylvain.

9am – played piano.

10:30am – took a nap.

12pm – lunch and some tv.

2:30pm – shower.

3:30pm – finally got around to cleaning up breakfast dishes.

4:30pm – folded laundry.

5:30pm – put the boys down for naps.

6pm – helped Bastien into his pj’s then he came down and played.

6:15pm – brought Sylvain down b/c he wasn’t sleeping either.

6:40pm – started making supper

7:15pm – spaghetti and the news.

Sometime later  – supper clean-up and put Sylvain to bed.

Now (8:57) – writing blog and checking email/Facebook.

No, I did not take an hour-long shower. Yes, I did forget to take out the meat to thaw this morning. Yes, dinner tasted good. ^_^



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