I slept in this morning! Greg knocked on my door just before 7:30. I had got up the first time my alarm went off, but then I sat down on my bed. Sitting down turned into lying down, which turned into falling asleep again and sleeping through subsequent alarms. So the walk was delayed, but since I did it this afternoon I decided to take a new route. I had looked this one up on Google Maps so I knew I could make the circle. I walked out-of-town towards Eghezee and turned onto a side road just on the edge of town. Pavement became gravel/dirt, which became dirt, which became overgrown grass! I got kind of nervous because the sky was quite ominous and I didn’t have a jacket or anything…and despite Google Maps I kept getting the feeling I was coming up to a dead-end. GM was right though and I made it home in one piece. I only got rained on a little. It’s a little too long to do in the morning…well, I guess not really. It’s 1h17m, so that’s only about 7-12 min. longer that I’ve done. If I can leave early enough I can do it. It’s just under 7km, so that’s cool. I got a neat little audio message from my Nike+ app saying ‘congrats, you just completed your longest workout!’. Which of course isn’t true. My longest one was around 4 hours!

Today there was someone coming to pick up the old printer and Adeline needed to be here for that. And he was coming just around the time when she’d have to leave to pick up the boys. So, on I went with Mr. GPS to Namur and the Little Gym to pick up Bastien. I got there before they finished. Once they were done all the kids lined up just inside the doors before being ‘released’. Bastien was right by the door and when he finally spotted me he got excited. And I got a big running hug. What a welcome, eh? Sylvain too starts making a lot of noise and kind of jumps up and down when you come to get him. Since I was going from Namur straight to Mohxe (I have no idea how that’s spelled….) I again used the GPS. Bastien started to repeat the directions and I said – as a joke – ‘thank you because I didn’t hear what he said’. So Bastien started repeating them all, it was really funny.

Upon leaving Catherine’s I had to move my car before putting Bastien back inside. I came from the opposite side I usually do and I ended up parking too close to the hill. I knew it would be easier to put him back in if I moved the car. Poor guy, he was tired and started crying because he thought I was leaving without him. Catherine and her daughter were out there too saying goodbye, so he wasn’t alone (he was just on the drive-way), but he was still upset. I felt bad, even though before I asked him to wait I told him I was jut moving the car.

When we got home Bastien amazingly had SO MUCH ENERGY! Adeline and I played human ping-pong with Bastien as our ball. He was running back and forth between us, so we got him to say ‘ping’ when he ran at me and ‘pong’ when he went back to Adeline. But they came out more like ‘pingk/pangk’. I know that doesn’t really help, but meh *shrug*. On the way to pick up Sylvain I had reminded Bastien how to say ‘hello’. After our little game I asked him (just out of the blue) how you say hello in English. And he said it! No hesitation or anything. I know it’s just one word, but this is the first time he’s remembered it. If I were to ask him tomorrow he might not, but it’s a start. I just know it will be so cute when he says hello to my family.

We had some company over for a bit. I can’t remember the connection, but they have a son (21 months, I heard/remember that) and a daughter (2 months?). Greg brought up some beer from the basement and I got out mine that I put in the fridge a couple of weeks ago and keep forgetting to drink. It was the peach kind I tried before. Well, I drank it way to fast and I felt it. I’m a total lightweight! 8.5% and while the room wasn’t spinning, I was swimming a bit. And giggly. More than usual. And tired, and sluggish. And walking around with a stupid smile :P. I just kept laughing to myself because I was thinking ‘one beer and I’m like this already?!’. That was Greg’s comment too; it was just a little beer! It’s been a while since I’ve had a beer and even the little wine I’ve had here and there wasn’t enough to do anything. All I kept thinking about was Brad Paisley’s song ‘Alcohol’. If you’ve never heard it, click the link and watch the music video. It’s so funny and so true. That’s what I like about Country Music and Brad Paisley in general. His songs always tell a story, from being able to be whoever you want online to an interesting way to pick up a girl in a bar (although I’m not sure if I would trust a guy if he said he wanted to check me for ticks…). From risking your wife leaving you because you leave her to go fishing to often to sitting waiting for your women because she takes to dang long to get ready. They’re not always funny, sometimes they’re sad, but they’re always interesting. And his videos are good too. If you’ve never seen ‘Online’ you totally have to. William Shatner yo!

Anyway….I’m completely fine now and I’m going to go watch those 2 music videos before bed. Have a good one!

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