Game of Thrones

That is the title of the HBO series we started watching that I forgot the other day. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned the title or not yet. We’re almost done, we have one more episode to watch. It’s absolutely insane. I did some ‘research’ today on the story line. So far there are 4 books out, with the 5th due July 12 this year. There are 7 planned, plus there are I think 3 novellas and a prequel or two. I would say that it’s on par with The Lord of the Rings. There’s just as much background and history and comprehensive family trees, etc as Middle Earth. I’m not sure about languages (other than the Dothraki one), but even so, it’s absolutely insane. Those of you who know me know that I like to read fantasy books, so this should come as no shock. I’m used to handling big (fake) worlds that span thousands of years, with strange character and place names and such things. I just don’t think I’ve come across a series that kills off so many characters. It makes it more real and less ‘romantic’, but still. I am sad because there’s a character I like who is going to die and for a really stupid reason too. Or rather because of a stupid mistake he made because of some stupid deal he broke. It makes me sad, but then I remember they’re not real and it’s ok. It’s a little more sad because you realize, eventually, you won’t be seeing them on the show anymore, but you can always watch things over again.

Anyway, that was a nice little tangent. I kind of get crazy like this. I find a new interest and I find out as much as I can (within reason) about it and after a few weeks I either grow slightly bored or just move on to something else. Geeze, I’m a total flake. Like my Spring Awakening phase (a musical). That lasted for a while. And my Chuck phase a couple of months ago. 😀 If only I would have found my studies to be this interesting. I can memorize fantasy family trees by the dozens, with names that either don’t exist in real life or are spelled really oddly. I can remember locations of cities and countries that don’t actually exist as long as I have a map to look at. But actually real information? Why would I want to know that. I guess it comes down to what I have to learn versus what I choose to learn. Even though I chose to study music in University, I still didn’t have a choice in what classes I had to take (for the most part). Obviously there has to be structure and core courses, I get that, it makes sense and I did learn a lot and am grateful for that. It’s just, the minute I’m going to be graded on something and I have to do it by a deadline I drag my feet and lose interest. Which is part of the reason I didn’t want to do certain essay topics. It was finding that point where I could choose something I was interested in to write about where I would still find it interesting during and after the essay writing process.

Man, I was not going to write this much tonight. Or rather, I wasn’t really planning on writing this much about nothing. I went for my walk this morning. Go me! Must head to bed so I can get up tomorrow too.

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  1. This is the irony of life: “what I have to learn versus what I choose to learn.” I’ve started watching “Game of Thrones” and I’m crushing on this guy (can’t remember his name), but he’s got this petite wifey on the show. He looks menacing and hot 🙂

    • Oh, I think you mean Khal Drogo! I’ll tell you what I’ve learned from Wikipedia…the leader (Kingish type figure) of a Dothraki tribe is called a Khal. So his name is Drogo, Khal Drogo. And Queen is Khaleesi. I’m not sure if that’s spelled right or not. How far along are you? We’re either going to watch episode 10 tonight or tomorrow. If I had to choose one character I’m crushing on I would have to say Robb Stark. Him or Jon Snow, but I think I’m going to go with Robb. He’s not very menacing or fierce, but he’s loyal and honourable and does what’s right. That becomes more apparent later in the season…like in episode 9. The actor who plays him (Richard Madden) is from Scotland and was born the same year as me, lol. I think it’s funny how I wrote a post a while back questioning the reasons behind celebrity obsessions and here I go doing all the ‘research’ on people. I like to know the basics. Basically, name, what country they’re from, and how old they are. After that I don’t care much, it just gives me a good frame of reference. And here I go on and on and on and on again. Also, I’m a Sean Bean fan and while I many have thought Boromir was a douche, Ned Stark is an awesome guy who gets the short end of the stick. I think once I get back home I’m going to try and start reading the books. By then there will be 5 of 7 out. They sound really gritty and as real life as fantasy can be. I read that while LOTR was more fantastical (that’s my wording, not what I read), ‘Song of Ice and Fire’ (the series name) is more based on real medieval history. And instead of LOTR’s relationships being about romance, here it’s all about sex. More or less. One character I don’t like is Lysa Arryn (nee Tully – Cat Stark’s sister). She’s quite the odd one up in the vale.

      • Also…that petite wifey (Daenarys [sp?] Dany) goes through a lot of character growth. I think she’ll surprise you. Her brother is a ninny. It’s from all that inbreeding. You know, pure blood lines and all that. No wonder their father was the ‘Mad King’!

      • I’ve only seen a few episodes. But it’s sexy as with all the cable shows 🙂 I do like Sean Bean …


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