Well, I didn’t go for a walk today.

Yesterday afternoon I started watching the original movie Hairspray from 1988. Before it was a musical (2002) and before it became a movie musical (2007). If you saw the latest version and listened to the music during the credits (or have the soundtrack) you’ll have heard the song ‘Mamma I’m a big girl now’ which wasn’t in the movie musical version (sad, I know). In the musical it is sung by the characters Tracy, Penny, and Amber. In the credits at the end of the movie they have the original movie Tracy (Ricki Lake), original musical Tracy (Marissa Jaret Winokur), and movie musical Tracy (Nikki Blonsky) singing the song together, it’s pretty cool. Anyway, I finished it last night, but it just made me want to see the new version. Actually, it made me want to see the stage version, that’s my favourite of all 3. There are some lines in there that just make me crack up. I don’t know why, maybe it’s just that the musical and the new movie are SO high energy that the original nearly put me to sleep. Maybe it was just that I’m used to certain actors in the roles, but I felt that a lot of the acting was really poorly done. Maybe it was even the acting, maybe it was the script. I didn’t feel that the movie flowed very well. That’s just me. Jerry Stiller was actually in both movie versions. In the original he plays Tracy’s Dad, and in the remake he plays Mr. Pinky.

Today – while the boys napped – Greg, Adeline, and I were outside trimming, cutting, and getting rid of bushes and a couple small trees. Well, Greg started this morning. I slept in pretty late because after finishing Hairspray (1988) I watched Hairspray (2007). I was tired. That’s why no walk. I am going to make more of an effort tomorrow which is why I’m going right to bed after this post! Here in Wasseiges they have this recycling type centre (that I didn’t know existed). It’s only open on Saturdays, but you can bring different stuff you have to be recycled. Including tree branches and other garden waste. Greg and I made 2 trips, he made 2 by himself, but the last one he came back with the stuff because they had closed. They cut down three of the six small trees that are along the back wall. One of them was a fruit tree, but you can’t eat the fruit raw, only cooked and since they don’t have time to make all kinds of jam it’s a useless tree to have because the fruit just falls and rots and gets in the way. Adeline climbed up onto the wall to trim the bushes on the one side, I have pictures. I even got to wield the electric trimmer thing, whatever it’s called. That fruit tree also has thorns and I pricked myself a few times today.

We also had company for supper tonight. A friend of Adeline’s from school, her husband, and their two boys. I forgot how loud young boys can be. I think Bastien had a good time. I had a good time.

Adeline also cut Sylvain’s hair, but I didn’t notice it until I put him to bed. You can make it into a mow-hawk now, it sticks up all cool because of the skin cream we have to put on him. He’s the coolest looking baby ever. Adeline predicts he’ll be walking by 10 months. He an already do it if someone is holding his hands. He’s learning fast.

So, no walk, but I did work outside. Sorry for the disjointedness of this post. I’m tired and my hand hurt :).

PS. Mom, Dad, and Lisa – I hope the party was a success and that you had a wicked awesome fireworks show!

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