Happy Canada Day!

Seeing as how I’m across the pond the only things remotely patriotic that I did today was change my Facebook profile picture to a Canadian flag and listen to a few different versions of the national anthem. Every year my parents host a Canada party for friends, family, neighbours, co-workers…Actually, someone my Dad knew used to do this and we would go every year. The ‘entry fee’ would be fireworks and then they would put on a show come nightfall. My parents are carrying on the tradition and I think it’s pretty cool. I’ve heard this year’s show is going to be pretty cool, I’m sorry I have to miss it.

Since school is done for the summer Bastien went to the babysitter’s with Sylvain. Next week he goes to a sort of Little Gym day camp. That should be a lot of fun for him. When I picked them up he came running up to with a hug and ‘je t’aime’. Sylvain – who usually reaches for you – was sitting crying. He had just had his nose wiped and he doesn’t like that. I’ve never understood that. I mean, don’t they realize how uncomfortable it is to sit around with a runny nose? And if they’d just hold still it wouldn’t be bad at all to wipe it. And if they’d just hold still when you’re to change diapers/apply cream/put on clothes/pajamas it would be over a lot faster. Sylvain likes to look at everything. He’ll try to twist his body around so he’s almost flipped over, but can’t quite make it because I’ve got an arm or a leg and I’m trying to fit through a shirt or pair of pants.

Tonight I made dinner. A Pilaf de dinde aux brocolis, except that instead of broccoli I used cauliflower. It looked pretty bland, all varying shades of one colour, but it tasted good. It was the paprika and the pepper that made it tasty. Oh, and if you don’t know dinde is turkey. Just to double-check I used Google translate on the recipe. Turns out that even though there were some words I didn’t recognize they were things like ‘stir’ that I would have done anyway. I would’ve done just as well without translating it, but now I know. That’s not to say that I’ll never again translate or ask Adeline about a recipe in French, because I’m sure I will, I just know now that I can start to have a little more confidence in, not only my language skills, but my cooking skills as well.

Well, I did it again. Another week getting up at 5:15 or so and going out walking. I’m going to keep it up this weekend as well, at least tomorrow. Not at 5, but I want to be on the road by no later than 8. Maybe I’ll even go for longer this time who knows. I think it’s sort of starting to have a positive effect on me; even though I’m tired from getting up so early, I don’t think I took any naps this week and I’m not really going to bed any earlier (although I probably should or I’ll wear myself out!). Wow, look at the time. It’s almost 1am I should go to bed!

For those of you who have me on Facebook I put up two short videos of the storm and after. They’re only slightly interesting. I have another longer one, but I want to edit it before I put it up… Things are darker once they’re on FB and you wouldn’t be able to see anything in the middle section anyway (as I’m walking through the house) so it’s useless.

Ok, nodding off, time for bed. ‘Night! Hope every Canadian gets to see some fireworks this weekend! Have a great one. ^_^

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