A day for celebration!

Today was a special day. We went out to dinner and toasted the last day of school for Bastien, me getting 81.5% in my French course, and I can’t remember what else. I got my ‘attestation’ of completion today. When they were calling out names a couple of times they said Monsieur instead of Madame and vice verse.  When they called my name they started to say Madame and changed it to Monsieur and back to Madame once I got up. To me Holly is definitely feminine, but if you’ve never seen it before it might be hard to tell. I had a chuckle over it. There was more than once course being represented. There were one or two other French courses, one Spanish, one English, and a computer course. I think there was another course, but I don’t know what it was. From one of the others there was a man named Freddy and when his name was called Bastien yelled out ‘hey, Holly, c’est comme toi!’ (because of my panda Freddy). Adeline and I had a giggle fit because of that.

As of tonight there are 22 sleeps before my family arrives. Yippee! This morning I slept in a little bit so instead of doing the customary 6km I only walked 3km. I’m not sure what else I want to say. I feel like I had wanted to say more, but I went to watch 2 episodes of Games of Thrones (the HBO series I mentioned yesterday) with Adeline and Greg and can’t remember what else I had in mind.

I do remember that while we were waiting for our food Bastien was drawing on the paper table cover. He first drew Greg. Greg with very long arms and legs. Then he drew me, but I was a lot smaller. After he drew Adeline, not as big as Greg, but with long arms and legs also, and then Sylvain was the smallest. Shanga was just some scribbles. He’s pretty good at drawing stick people. And they’re not even all sticks. They have a circle body. Soon he’ll be able to draw better than me. 😉


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