Anyone care for a mud bath?

I hear they’re really great for your skin. Or mud wrestling, anyone up for that? Me neither. But if you were you could hop on a plane and visit me, we’ve got LOTS of mud over here. We were very fortunate that we only got a big of gravel in the driveway, and technically, it’s on the public part, not on the private. There were so many people all over town who have front yards covered in mud. People are shoveling it into large piles, that’s how thick it is. Here’s a quick link of a house that I believe is down the hill from us, on the other side of the river (creek, stream, whatever it actually is). That doesn’t look as bad as some of the places I saw; on my walk this morning and on our way to get groceries. Right by the corner to go towards Hannut (the way I go to school) there is a downed tree and electrical wire. There was also an electrical wire down right in front of the school. They were fixing it when we picked Bastien up from school at noon. All the kids were standing in a nice, neat line watching the crew do it’s thing. Normally they’re all running around like crazy. It was kind of eerie actually.

Here are a few more links with pics and info you can check out. If you don’t have Google Chrome (who will translate it for you automatically) you can just copy and paste and get the idea of what’s going on. Of course it’s not perfect and doesn’t make perfect sense, but that’s ok. In case you’re wondering while reading this, a ‘cave’ is a basement. And as another little tidbit, a ‘grotte’ is a cave ^_^.

Tennis court, Hail, Mudslides, PICTURES AND VIDEOS. That last link has the most pictures. If you can only click on one, click on that one. There’s a box just below the pictures that will say ‘Additional Information’ and you can click on the first link and it will take you to more pictures. I’m not sure if all the videos have ads, but they might. Just as a warning.

This picture here is from around 6am. If you clicked on the link (pictures and videos) you saw the same street (Barin d’obin) – from a different vantage point – the way it looked last night.

On our way back from getting groceries we heard Wasseiges mentioned on the radio as being one of the towns most hit by this storm. We seem to be in a relatively safe location. Things could have been a lot worse for us. I think it is a lot worse for our neighbour. High ground is good ground.

Now back to the run-of-the-mill stuff that goes on in my life. New update! Bastien’s favourite word is now ‘why?’. Yes, he’s entered that stage. Everything you say is followed with a ‘why?’. It can be hard to answer in English let alone French! But, I manage, or I just say ‘because!’. And that’s that. 😛 Also, Sylvain is standing on his own now. Or rather, he can pull himself up. He was doing it a lot today and tonight after we put the boys to bed and were getting ready to settle in to a new HBO series (I can’t remember the title!) we heard Sylvain making noise. So I went to go check on him and what do I find? He’s standing in his crib! He’s in the corner by the wall chewing on a toy. It took me a moment to find his soother (I was looking on the floor), but it was on the table beside his crib. Silly boy.

This afternoon I decided to take a jaunt down to Merdorp and back to see how long it would take me and if I could do it in the mornings, you know, to mix it up a bit. It only took me an hour. I had a couple of interruptions and didn’t always pause my timer so I’m not sure if that hour is accurate or not. It’s close anyway. I’ll have to wait a while to do this one though because just as you’re leaving Wasseiges, passed the Post Office, the road is completely covered in water. I’m not sure how deep, but probably at least passed my ankles. So I had to walk around it…the thing is, the grass is all full of water too so it’s basically a mud pit posing as a grassy lawn to lure unsuspecting pedestrians into thinking it’s a safe, dry place to traverse. Ok, so I knew it wasn’t going to be totally dry, but I was expecting it to be a little more firm. I’m not sure why, but that just proves Cindy’s point (my neighbour back home) that because of my education my common sense is lacking. Heck, I prove that point every day. My running shoes are sitting outside right now. I was able to scrape off quite a bit of mud while it was still wet, and since that was at the beginning of my walk most of the rest of the mud dried enough to whack off. Another funny thing about this afternoon’s walk; a nice woman stopped and asked if I needed a ride. I had my backpack on, and my water pack was in use…I thought I looked like I planned to be out walking. Maybe because it looked like it could rain again. I don’t know, but it was very nice and friendly of her, to offer to help a total stranger. She ended up going in the opposite direction of me anyway. Oh yeah! I was also asked for directions. I had just passed the Post Office and a couple of guys in a work van stopped me to ask me where…the Post Office was. Because of bushes I couldn’t actually see if from where I was standing and I couldn’t remember how many houses I had passed (I think only one actually), but I said it’s just back there, you’ll see the red box. I thought it was funny. I’m kind of starting to feel like a local. Giving out directions, getting offered rides. I’ve never had this much interaction with strangers on my walks before. Usually if I see someone it’s just a quick ‘bonjour’.

Also today, I just remembered, I almost got hit for the third time this week, second time today. I think it was Monday when I was on the way back from picking up Sylvain when I was coming up to an intersection. There was a truck who was stopped (on the road leading to Hannut) and he looked to his right, but not to his left and he pulled out right in front of me. I honestly don’t think he looked left at all. I don’t think as much traffic comes from the left, but still! I could she him stop and I never saw him look at me. Of course then he had no idea I was even behind him because his truck was so big. Sometimes I second guess myself because of different road rules and such, but I know that when you’re at an intersection and the road you’re on has a bunch of white arrows painted on it, it means you have to stop or at least slow down enough to make sure the way is clear. The same thing happened today, although the car did stop in time, but it was close. I don’t think he was planning on stopping at all. Then, just after that, when I was at the intersection right outside the house, a firetruck pulled out and almost hit me. I had my signal on to turn left, and he was also turning left (he was on my right). Maybe it’s me, maybe I’m doing something wrong and got some rules mixed up, but maybe not. I know I’m not the perfect driver by any means, it’s just annoying when (maybe because my car’s so small) people don’t even want to try and be safe.

Oh my goodness! It’s almost midnight, no wonder I’m so tired. Almost 1400 words, yikes! Sorry (if you’re still reading :P) and goodnight. 😀

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  1. “Why” is a bad three letter word.

    • Oh, I know. Although in French it’s ‘pourquoi’ so it’s a much longer bad word.


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