Ok. So the power just went out for the 2nd time tonight but thanks to the wonder that is a laptop I still have battery power. Which means I need to finish this quickly and not dawdle. I’ll come back to the storm later.

So, like I mentioned yesterday, today was laundry day for me. I did 3 loads. It was blazing hot again today, and dry to boot. It wasn’t quite as sunny as yesterday, at least not until the afternoon. I got the little ‘pool’ ready for the boys again and this time Sylvain went in. Today I only put water in around 2:30, but by 4:30 it was already like bath water. I didn’t get any pictures of Sylvain in the water (he just basically sat there). Plus it would have been hard to take pictures of him because I had to make sure to remain super diligent. Today was Bastien’s first day riding a bus…or rather the bus they have for the school for field trips. He still says he did nothing today.

Over at the Pharmacy they got these new signs put up. Unless they’re not new, they’ve been there this entire time, and I’ve just failed to notice them. Which is possible, but unlikely. They’re ‘+’ and there are two, one on each wall at the corner. They give the time, date, temperature, and say Pharmacy. The problem was that they only ever agreed on temperature once. At one point one read 39º while the other read 36º. Then it was 35º, 35º, then it was 31º, 35º. I actually think the one read 41º at one point this afternoon.

This storm. Dad, you’d love it. Especially the lightening show we’re getting right now. I’ve got a good view out my window, but I’m not seeing much because I’m writing this blog and there’s a huge glare from my computer screen. This afternoon after I brought the boys in it started to get darker. I knew it was supposed to rain tomorrow, and based on the extreme temperature changes from one day to the next, some kind of storm was to be expected. By 7:30-7:45 or so it started raining. Hard. Then it started to hail for quite a while. Then the power went out and was probably out for a good hour or more. I wasn’t really keeping track of the time. The street outside the house was like a river and ever time a car drove through the intersection it sent water rushing even faster towards the house and into the basement. So far nothing is damaged, there’s just a lot of water in the basement, and all the windows facing the road were leaking. Pretty much all the towels in the house are sitting on windowsills soaking up the water.

I’ve got a few videos of the ‘river’. There are holes in parts of the pavement outside the house, there’s a pile of gravel on the driveway now, and a random bag of recyclables ended up stranded against Greg’s car. I also have a video of another bag flowing down the street. It makes me laugh every time I see it. The roof of someone’s toy house washed up by the bank as well. It was so insane! Adeline was at a reunion in LLN tonight so Greg was running around putting towels by windows and checking the basement while I watched the boys. Bastien handled the dark really well actually. He asked for Greg a lot, but he never actually cried. At one point Greg opened the door to the garage in the backyard so the water would run into the garage and out instead of into the house/basement. I guess the water was almost as high as the step to get inside.

Thankfully the power came back on long enough to charge my iPod so I can get up in the morning. If it’s raining at 5:30 I won’t go for my walk, but if it’s not I’ll take my chances. Maybe. It’s so strange looking out my window and not seeing any lights (except for lightening, headlights, and the flashing lights of a firetruck). My blind are open and you can’t tell. But seriously, the street river! And it wasn’t just a 20 minute thing either, this went on for quite some time. The hall carpet at the front door was totally soaked and when Greg took it out the whole it fits into was full of water.

I unfortunately had left the back windows open on my car (they open out, not down) so, by the time I could safely go out to close them, there was some hail inside, but it wasn’t as wet as I was expecting, thank goodness. Then I couldn’t get back inside, my key would not work. I tried for a while and finally rang the doorbell. I knew Greg was reading Bastien a bedtime story and didn’t want to interrupt, but I had to get back in some how!

Bastien also says that thunder is not his friend. Or something like that. I thought of it because I heard some thunder just now. So he doesn’t like thunder. Actually, there’s been more rain and lightening than thunder. No huge peals that wake you with a start in the middle of the night. So far anyway.

Unfortunately I am feeling uninspired and my lightening show is running out. I’m going to catch what I can before going to sleep. ‘Night!

5:37am Belgium:

With the power went the internet so I couldn’t actually post this last night. But I realized as I went to bed last night that even if that didn’t work, it would most likely work in the morning and I would be up early enough for it still to post on the 28th. Yeah for the time change! 

I actually woke up around 2:30 and had to open my windows I was too hot. I couldn’t get back to sleep and when I finally checked the time again it was almost 3:30! So I’m pooped. It’s not raining now so I’m still going to go for my walk. I’ll have to do the ‘long’ one (in reality, I think it adds maybe 15 minutes, not sure) today because the road through the field will be quite wet. I should go. Now it really is good night to you all. Or good morning. 😀

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