Feelin’ HOT HOT HOT!

Today was a doozy. Is that even a word? The spell checker thinks not. Anyway. It was hotter than hot (at least it felt that way after all the cool, cloudy, rainy days we’ve been having) and tomorrow is shaping up to be even hotter. Although it’s supposed to cool down later in the week. From in the 30°s today and tomorrow to 19° Wednesday. With rain. It was too warm to wear long sleeves this morning at 6am – which reminds me, tomorrow I need to take my camera to get sunrise pics – and by the time I left with Sylvain (around 8:30) I considered it to be hot. It’s that kind of hot that makes you not want to eat. I didn’t really eat lunch. As a preemptive measure we put sunscreen on the boys before even getting them dressed. I don’t know why, but sometimes I love the smell of sunscreen. Weird, eh? (<— I will always be Canadian ^_^)

So, around noon I filled the sand box lid with water for Bastien after school, to give it a chance to warm up. And warm up it did. It was like bath water. After that I left to go to Louvain-la-Neuve (which hereafter in all posts – if I remember – will be referred to as LLN) to meet Amélie. We met at FNAC (an awesome store selling everything from cameras to computer games) and I bought a Nike+ sensor to connect my one running shoe to my iPod. I think I got these shoes when I was…18? I didn’t even have an iPod then. They definitely weren’t as common as they are now. I still had a handy Disc Man. I probably would have went longer without getting an iPod, but after the fire I didn’t have anything to listen to music on and I kind of needed something because I would have about 16 hours of ‘classical’ music to “memorize” for each term. About 8 hours an exam. Of course for the most part it was really just the themes and important sections in each movement, but you still had to listen to most of the music because you had no idea what she was going to play (that’s where Drop the Needle comes in). Anyway, my parents had replaced the t.v.’s we had in our bedrooms, but the screen on mine wasn’t working right, so instead of replacing the t.v. I asked for an iPod. It wasn’t completely selfish, it was half for school after all. And I’m not just saying that, it actually made a lot more sense for school because I could have all the music on it at once instead of having to change CDs all the time. Back to the point…I didn’t get the shoes because they could be compatible with an iPod and Nike+ sensor, but because they were good and comfortable. I’ve been meaning to get the sensor from some time now, but I wasn’t doing much walking before so it never made sense. But now I am and I’d like to keep better track of kilometers and such.

After FNAC we went to get ice cream. I had mango and melon. I liked the mango better, but both were good. Then we went on our walk through the woods. I wish we hadn’t because even though it wasn’t as hot – what with the shade and all – it was still very touch. I’ve never been so glad for my backpack and water pack. We talked French the entire time and even though I didn’t understand every single thing she said, we were still able to make decent conversation. We talked about books a bit. She’s read Anne of Green Gables (Lucy Maud Montgomery) and The Sword of Truth series (12 books in total) by Terry Goodkind. I’ve only read the first 3 in that series before giving up. I’ve never given up on a book series before, but even I have to admit defeat. It was partly because of school starting up again, partly because I was leaving to come here, partly because it sometimes takes a long time with the library to get the book (sometimes longer than it takes for me to read it), and partly because I read the synopsis for the next 9 books and got bored. And frustrated. To me it all seemed like each book was just a slightly altered formula with slightly different locations, and a few new characters, but basically the same. The trials just kept going on and on and on… Now I know that you need that stuff to make it interesting, but honestly, I thought it was a little much. Maybe I would change my mind after actually reading them, but even after the third book I was getting frustrated. Maybe that’s why I like Mercedes Lackey’s world of Valdemar so much. She has over 20 books I think, all on the same world, but each character/time/place (different variations of those three) only has at most a trilogy focused on them. And it spans over thousands of years, so it’s always changing. Bah, enough on that totally off topic rant.

Bastien was so tired when I picked him up from school. Actually, it wasn’t until after I had stopped to get gas and we continued on our way that he fell asleep. I could have left him in the car (but it was so hot outside), but I took him in with me. I set him down and he ended up staying asleep on the floor. When I tried to wake him up to leave he just climbed into my arms and went back to sleep. Catherine ended up taking Sylvain (along with the other kid who was there) out to the car while I carried Bastien. He woke up once in the car and was awake until they put him to bed. We finally got outside to play in the water and Bastien started spraying Adeline and I (both of us were fully clothed, no bathing suits). At first I was all ‘no, I don’t have my bathing suit’ (at least in my head), but then I thought ‘this is actually quite refreshing and my head hurts’. So I was half soaked by the time he stopped. It was worth it. Tomorrow I might just have to go out in my bathing suit and spray myself off. I also have to do laundry tomorrow…

Bastien can be so considerate at times. He was eating ice cream outside (he did offer my a taste, but I declined) and I said my head hurt. He asked why and I said because the sun was so strong. I’m really sensitive to bright sunlight – damn these blue eyes! Even later in the house I was squinting when I passed by windows. Maybe that’s why I prefer moonlight. Back on track here… So he said that when he finished his ice cream we would go inside where the sun couldn’t come and it would be better. He said this as if he had a choice. Which of course he didn’t because Adeline had already told him that he had to come in after his ice cream. They had to go back to the school to meet with his teachers and talk about the year. Or half of it anyway. He probably forgot about that though, so it was still nice. Then to make me feel better he gave me a kiss…on my eyebrow. Mind you, since he was sitting at his little picnic table and I was on the ground, my eyebrow was easier to reach than my cheek.

I think that’s it for today. Ugh. It’s taken me just over an hour to write this. It should have taken half that time. Come on computer, don’t fail me now.  Although, for a PC, 6 years is a good run. One of the other bloggers that I read (Laffemmeroar) was surprised it lasted this long. It’s an Acer. I don’t know if it’s the brand or just my laptop, because Lisa got an Acer the year after I did and she had to take it in to get fixed after a couple of weeks or months. It just has to last until after Christmas. After that I can use the desktop at home when I have to go on, but it will also force me to take a break from being on so much.


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