Welcome back Mr. Sun

And the sun has returned! We’re in for a hot couple of days. Today (according to my iPod) was about 26. Tomorrow and Tuesday above 30. Originally it was supposed to rain Tuesday, but now it looked like rain and sun on Wednesday. This isn’t a weather app I got from iTunes, but a weather app that came with my iPod. Anyway…

Today we had lunch at Sybille’s. Charles-Antoine, Anne-Catherine, Jean-Gobert, and Valerie were all there. It sounds like Jean-Go and Valerie just got back from a trip to the States! I didn’t even know they went. I think Washington, Pittsburgh, and New York. They brought back Adeline an Achmed the Dead Terrorist t-shirt (Jeff Dunham) that says ‘Silence – I KILL YOU!’. I admit, I am a fan of Jeff Dunham. I think most of it is because he’s a really talented ventriloquist. There are others, but Jeff Dunham is the most well-known to me.

I left early, came home, chilled, checked my email. I found that closing my blinds made it a lot cooler in my room (who knew :P). I think it helps that they are dark. Because when I opened them once to look outside my it was hot between them and the window. I think I might make sure to close them once it starts getting hotter tomorrow. I’ll open them before I leave on my walk, you know, to let daylight in my room and all. So yeah, tomorrow is the start of a full week of 5:45am walks. I won’t be able to say goodbye to Greg because he’s leaving for work at 6:30.

Once the others got home we went outside for a bit. Bastien gave me two sticks – you remember how much he loves pudding? Well, he loves sticks the same. He’ll always want to pick them up when walking to or from school – he has so many in his play house! We play drums with them, he chases away/kills wolves or other intruding animals with them (of course not real animals), tries to attack the cat with them (Shanga, a real cat). At one point while we were ‘drumming’ I felt a tickle on my arm. I looked over…it was a spider! And not a puny one either. I calmly freaked out – if that’s possible. I didn’t scream, I just brushed it off and made lots of scared ‘ahh’ noises. It’s legs were not quite as long as those on a Daddy Long Legs. Bastien asked me what was wrong and I told him an insect was crawling on me. He asked which one and I said I didn’t know the word. I asked Adeline after and it turns out I had the beginning in mind, I just didn’t know the rest. Now, normally I don’t freak out from spiders. I’ll kill them with my bare hands (if they’re small enough – you know, the really, really tiny ones). I guess that’s what you get growing up on a farm. People sometimes will ask me to kill a spider if I’m there. I just don’t like them crawling on my. Usually when I kill them they’re crawling on the wall, the floor, or some other surface that is not me. But for some reason this one just gave me the shakes. Like yesterday when I was looking at those crazy steep steps leading down into those two bunkers I didn’t go in to. I was even like that a little going down the other ones. It’s definitely more a fear of falling more than a fear of heights. I can look over the edge of a cliff, or a really high building, or stand on a glass floor. As long as I know I’m steady and won’t fall I can do it. It just takes a little while and if I’m looking over an edge with no barrier (like the mountains in Switzerland) I feel much better sitting down.

Anyway, I had to go in to go to the washroom and Bastien wanted a drink. Then he wanted to get his toy camera and take a picture of me. So I grabbed mine to take a picture of him taking a picture of me. Enjoy :D.

 P.S. That hat he’s wearing is the hat Sylvain got from Little Gym. As you can see it’s way too big for both boys. In fact, I think it’s even big for Adeline. Either way, it’s adorable. And now, according to Bastien, it’s his Drumming Hat.


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  1. Cute 🙂


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