Apparently rain is punctual.

Because of yesterday’s like sprinkling, I decided to wear my jacket on this morning’s jaunt. I’m glad I did. I would have been soaked otherwise. The crazy thing is it started raining around the same time it did yesterday, on the same stretch of road. Weird.

Not much to say for today. Greg and I watched two more episodes of The Pacific, but I have to go back and catch #2. I’m trying to decide where I want to go tomorrow. I had thought this open air museum on rural life in Wallonia would be good, but then I remembered that it’s supposed to rain tomorrow. The big thing is what to do from my list that my family doesn’t want to do. Or rather, what they wouldn’t mind not doing. I mean, if I end up doing some things twice that’s ok, but I’d rather not.

So, yeah, I don’t know, but you’ll all find out tomorrow. ‘Night!

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