A baby or The Master of Teleportation?

We may never know. I say this because Sylvain kept disappearing and reappearing in unexpected places. We have to get used to the fact that he’s quite mobile now, and keep a closer eye on him. Adeline and I were doing some stuff in the kitchen and all of a sudden when she went to leave she noticed Sylvain at the step (the one without the baby gate). So she closed the door. Then she went out to feed the chickens and check for eggs; somehow Sylvain knew she was out there because I left the kitchen and didn’t see him in the TV room, not in the play room, not in the hallway – I was stumped, and freaking out a little bit. I had to ask Bastien where he was and then I went in the library and saw he was by the door going to the back yard (near my room). That was a pretty long distance for him. He was also standing up on his feet with the help of a toy that he could push around. And he was moving it forward on his own. They just grow up so fast.

So this morning I decided to forgo the rain jacket. And because Murphy’s Law seems to rule the universe sometimes it actually rained this morning. Not long enough or hard enough to actually soak me, but enough to be annoying.

Today when I played through ‘What a Wonderful World’ (the Eva Cassidy arrangement) I didn’t make any mistakes! The first time anyone. That one has a lot of chords, and while most are simple I had to get used to the inversions I wanted to use and there are some quick chord changes. I was even singing along.

After picking Bastien up from school we headed to Hannut to my school. I had to pick up a paper that I needed filled out. He played shy and wouldn’t say hello to the director, but he did say goodbye, albeit quietly. He was on his best behaviour, even when we picked up Sylvain. I love it when he smiles and gets excited when you get there.

After arriving back at the house we had our snack time. The only glitch was when I asked Bastien if he wanted to share an apple with me, and he could choose which one. He said yes, and I guess he said he wanted a whole apple, not cut up, but I didn’t quite catch that. So when I brought it in all cut nicely he started crying because he didn’t want it to be cut. He ended up eating 3 of the 4 pieces later, but you could tell he was at least a little tired…that and he kept asking to take a nap.

Adeline arrived just as I was starting a bath for the boys. I heard her come in, but I didn’t notice when he came upstairs. She was sitting just outside the bathroom when I finally noticed her and I actually jump and gave a little squeal. Now, it’s been a little while since I’ve helped with bath time and for me tonight was the first night Bastien didn’t cry when Adeline wet his hair with the shower head. It was quite miraculous. A quite bath time. Just after she had got his hair all full of soap he said he had to go to the washroom. She asked him if was sure and he said he was. So, after taking him out of the bath and putting him on the potty he tried for about 2 seconds before he said ‘nothing!’. Adeline made him wait and try because he did get the floor all wet after all and leaving the bath like that for nothing is frustrating. When he went up after supper to go to the potty before bed he yelled downstairs ‘who made the bathroom all wet?’. We started laughing because of course it was him. Then he got upset because he didn’t want to go when the floor was all wet (or something…it was kind of hard to understand him between tears).

Adeline was getting ready to make supper tonight when Bastien asked her if she would come read with him. She said she was making supper, but maybe if he asked me I would do it so she could read with him. It was chili and the recipe was in French. I said sure, I can give it a try. Of course if I didn’t understand something I could just ask. So I read through the list of ingredients and the instructions, clarified things where I wasn’t sure (although there were a couple of times I was right I just didn’t know it). We changed two things; green pepper instead of red and we added corn. I also only put in about half, maybe a little less than half the called for chili powder. Adeline didn’t want it too hot. It turned out amazing! I mean, my favourite chili is the kind they have at WLU, it’s called Klondike Chili. It kind of looks like brown mush, but it tastes really good and was very reasonably priced for the amount you got, but this was pretty tasty if I do say so myself. I had mine in a bowl, but Adeline, Greg, and Bastien had theirs in tortilla’s with the guacamole Adeline had made. Chili burritos.  I have to think of something for tomorrow night as well. Adeline is going out with some friends. I’m on a role here ^_^.

Well, we’re almost at the end of another week. I hope it was a good one for everyone! And I can’t believe I forgot to mention it – because I said something to Adeline and I even had a dream about it – but yesterday was 1 month until my family comes. Tuesday night I had a dream that we were picking them up, that yesterday was the day they were coming. I guess you could say I’m excited. Part of it is just when you plan something so far in advance and you’re looking forward to it, the closer it comes the more excited you get.

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