Little ‘Little Gym’

Do you remember me talking about Bastien going to ‘Little Gym’? Well, now Sylvain goes too, on Wednesday mornings, and this week is the week we can go watch. When I went to watch Bastien it was crazy! There were so many people. In Sylvain’s class, this morning, there were only 4 babies. It was cute. They stretched, and rolled, and flipped. Sylvain seemed to enjoy himself immensely. Also there with a smile.

That’s another thing; he can be just sitting there, or playing, or crawling towards you (or away) and if you get his attention and get him to look at you he smiles. First he looks at you and then he breaks out into his big, beautiful smile.

Bastien is continuing his ‘nice’ phase. Let’s hope this isn’t the face, let’s hope the grumpiness was a phase. If he’s not hugging you when he says ‘je t’aime’ (maybe because he’s sitting at the table for example) he’ll sort of pet you. I know it sounds funny, but he’ll run his hand along your arm and say je t’aime with a big smile and the ‘t’aime’ is a little drawn out. It’s cute. I’ve started saying it like he does. This afternoon I read him a little book about numbers. Well, I guess he read it because each page just had a picture of a certain number of sea creatures and the words ‘7 sea turtles’ (for example). He’s great at counting to 5 now, but after that get gets confused. He’ll usually skip a number and sometimes is all over the place, but it’s coming. Then Adeline got out these cards that have three pictures – sometimes asking three different questions, sometimes all three pictures are part of the same question – and the next card had the answers. This was good for both Bastien and me because it helped with my reading, pronunciation, and comprehension and they’re also good learning tools for Bastien.

Also, today was Sylvain’s first (or one of the first) encounter with the music…carpet. There are pictures of farm animals, music notes, and a farmer (who Bastien calls a cowboy) and the farmer and music notes make music, the animals their respective noises. He seemed to have fun with that.

I had quite the nap this afternoon. The walk I took ended up only being 1h10m, so either I walked faster today or I didn’t time myself right yesterday. I think I’ll stick with the longer one because I get more out of it and also, if it rained the night before/is raining while I’m walking my shoes won’t get all muddy and wet(yesterday’s walk took me on a dirt road between two fields). It rained quite a bit today, but thankfully, not while I was walking. Adeline lent me a bright yellow reflective vest to wear in the morning because the cars drive faster because there are less out at that time of day. It’s a good idea.

That’s all for today. Happy Hump Day.

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