La Bonne Paye

It’s like European Monopoly! Well, not exactly – because you travel through the days of the month, not places – but there was multi-coloured money and all that great stuff. The 4 of us who had finished our exams got to play it. Although, the other 3 still had to do their oral exams so it was a little awkward and eventually it just fizzled out. 2 of the women went to help some of the guys, and I had a really nice chat with a woman named Iris from Portugal. She speaks a tiny bit of English, but we spoke in French to each other, honest! We were both in agreement that we needed to practice and this was good for her because she doesn’t get much practice at home. We exchanged numbers and are going to try and get together some time for coffee and a chat. She’s going to Portugal from the 30 to July 15, and of course my family is coming from July 22-Aug. 12 (in a previous blog I said the 10, I was misinformed, it’s the 12th!) so we’ll have to work around those dates, but other than that it looks good. It was nice, just being able to chat, and I kind of wish that part of the class we would get to split into groups or partners like that and talk to each other. You know, have the teacher walk around if we have any questions and listening to make sure we’re doing things right, correcting us when necessary. I think it would help us all along because we’d be talking to someone else who is around the same level we are so we wouldn’t feel as intimidated. I mean sure, it’s not as good for learning as talking to a native speaker, but I think it still would have done a lot of good. Next week we’re to go to the Commune in Hannut to get our certificates. Looks like I’ll have a commencement type deal this year after all ;).

I guess you might be wondering how I did on my test….I did pretty good. It looked like there was a mark for every page (all letter grades) and I varied from B- to B+ (there might have been an A in there, I can’t remember). There were a lot of TBs which I think meant trés bien because I had no mistakes on those pages. There were 2 pages where we had to state whether a word was masculin or feminine and some I literally just guessed. I got those two pages completely right! There were a few mistakes I made like forgetting an ‘s’ when something was plural, or an ‘e’ because it was feminine, mistakes made because I was writing too fast. I just wanted to finish it. As soon as I saw them I knew exactly what had happened, and I felt kind of silly because they were really simple mistakes, mistakes I shouldn’t have made. Oh well, I’ll know for next time.

Bastien got a new car seat today. It’s bigger than his other one (which makes sense because he’s growing!) and I was joking with him that it was for me. He told me it was too small for me. We had a good laugh over that. He also got a new contraption with a little step-ladder and something to go over the toilet so it’s small enough for him to sit on it. The first time I saw it was when I went to use the washroom. It surprised me at first, but it’s kind of cool. Tonight he used it and did everything all by himself. Sylvain also went crazy on all 4s. He was in the TV room one minute and the next we hear him make his baby noises and he’s behind Bastien and Greg at the table! Then he went into the play room. He was already in his pjs for the night, but when I went to change his diaper he pee’d all over the place so I had to change more than just the diaper. At least non got on me. ^_^

We had quite the downpour today. Rain for the next few days also. Again, not complaining, we need it.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a change in routine for me. At least, I’m going to try it out and see how it works. I plan on getting up early enough to go on an hour walk and be back her just after 7am. Then I can get breakfast ready and Sylvain. This forces me to really be awake and get a start on my day. I’ve had the idea to do this for a few days and I think it will be good because then I’ll be awake for the day, but also, I’m getting regular walking in. It’s been a while since I’ve taken a long walk. And while walking around for 3 or 4 hours is great, I’m assuming it’s better if you do less, but every day instead of once or twice a week. Today I stayed in my pjs for a while which made me want to go back to bed. So, I’ve already informed Greg and Adeline (I didn’t want them to wonder if they heard the door opening at 6am) and now I’ve stated it here, so I at least have to try. I think it will work. I used to get up to work at 6am or 5am and I had a 30 min. drive, plus I needed to be there at least 15 min. before my shift.

So I’ve got my alarm on full volume (which is wasn’t this morning and I slept in :S) and it’s on my desk so I have to get out of bed to turn it off. I know it’s what I should be doing all the time, but I could never get myself to do it. Here goes!

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