Like getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar…

Adeline and Greg went to Claire and Nico’s house tonight. So I’m left holding down the fort, which means making sure the kids get to sleep. Both boys were in bed when Mom and Dad left, but I’ve caught Bastien out of bed 4 times now. Or rather 3 times, but I know he got out of a bed a 4th. The first was just after Greg had gown downstairs and I was putting Sylvain down; you could hear the pitter-patter of Bastien’s little feet as he came out of his room and sat down on the couch in the hall. He wanted another story. Then, maybe 20 minutes later I went up to check again because Sylvain was making a lot of noise and I thought maybe he had lost his soother. What do I find? Bastien is again sitting on the couch looking at a book. Oh how he jumped when I said his name. Now being in my room I wouldn’t hear him unless he cried because Sylvain’s monitor doesn’t pick up noise Bastien makes, but I thought it would be good to check again (and Sylvain was making more noise than ever). I had closed his door so I opened it to check and here he is sitting on his chair. Now, it’s dark in his room so I don’t know how he could even see the pictures clearly on the book he was looking at. Again, I closed his door. He likes it open so this is sort of a punishment. I go up to check again (maybe 10 minutes later) and the door is wide open! He’s lying in bed, but he obviously got up. I told him I would leave the door open, but if I came up to check again and he was awake….. Before supper he again wanted to go lay down. I don’t get it. He wants to sleep when you want him awake, but when he needs to sleep he won’t. I’ll give him a little more time to actually get to sleep and then I’ll go up again.

So, today. I didn’t actually do much singing, but I sure got my room clean! The only thing I didn’t move was the wardrobe, computer desk, and shelving unit, but I dusted everything that needed dusting and gave the entire room a really good vacuum. I also flipped the couch and bed. It’s got a more open feel now. Before it almost felt like it was sectioned off into two rooms. I like both ways. I took down the sheer curtain (it’s one piece and doesn’t open) so I could have the windows open wide to freshen the room up. Except now I’m getting a whiff of farm, which isn’t bad, per se, it’s just not the fresh I was going for :P.

 This morning.

This evening.

I also made dinner tonight. Tuna casserole. I have some things I’ll change for next time (if there is a next time with this dish), but it was edible ^_^. Unfortunately Adeline dislikes tuna very strongly…she gets sick from the smell. It’s like me and French Onion Soup, ugh, even thinking about it makes me feel nauseous. I had made a little too much pasta so she took the extra and made herself something else. Greg and Bastien liked it, so that was good.

Back on the topic of open windows… The one big downside is the traffic. Since my window literally looks right onto the road, it gets pretty noisy with the windows open. The worst is the motorcycles, but there’s not a lot of traffic right now so it’s not too bad.

When I picked Bastien up from school he said he had a surprise for me and that it was a secret. When we got home Adeline was there and he told her he had a secret surprise for her as well. I still don’t know what it is. Maybe he’s saying that because last week I starting saying this: “Bastien.” “Oui” “I have a secret for you (or maybe surprise, I can’t remember which, maybe both).” “Oui?” “Yes.” He comes over and I whisper in his ear “Je t’aime” and replies with “Moi aussi”. Too cute. When he’s happy and well rested he likes to give hugs and kisses. He’s such a ham and he knows it too. You can tell when he sneaks downstairs at night that he’s thinking ‘if I smile and look cute they won’t be so mad’. You can see it on his face. Maybe this has something to do with switching him to soy milk. Maybe he’s generally feeling better which is putting him in better moods. He still has his ‘angry’ “no, stop, I don’t like you/want to play with you” moods, but they are less frequent. I think it changed the most last week when he was sick….maybe it just took that long for his body to recover from regular milk? I have no idea how those things all work, all I know is that he is a better mood more often now. He’s still a little stinker a lot of the time, but it’s getting better.

On the way home from school I asked him if he wanted to say something in English to my family when they come. He said yes so I said ok, you can say “Bonjour, bienvenue en Belgique”. I split it up so he repeated ‘hello’ and then ‘welcome’, but when I continued with ‘to Belgium’ he wouldn’t do it. I just think it would be the cutest thing if he did this. At least hello. He might be too shy, but I’ll keep practicing with him.

I think I’m going to shut the windows now. It was overcast but warm all day. It got hot and sunny this afternoon, and by the time I got back from picking up Sylvain it was raining. So it’s cooled down quite a bit and I’m getting a little chilly. Goodnight!

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