Boys will be boys

When I picked Bastien up from school today one of his teachers said he would need his hair washed because he was playing in the dirt and his hair was full of it. Humph, more than just his hair! The back of his neck and part of his back, his face, his hands, his clothes…dirt everywhere! Since he was in pants and long sleeves – and it was warm despite being so overcast – I changed him into shorts and a t-shirt and told him he could play outside. He had wanted to take a nap, but I said he couldn’t unless he had a bath and he did want to play outside so I said he had to do that first. Once Adeline got home with Sylvain we were all outside picking raspberries and cherries and giving the not so nice ones to the chickens. During his bath when Adeline went to wash Bastien’s face he quite adamantly stated that his teacher had already done so. If so, I would’ve liked to have seen his face before she washed it! His eyebrows were twice as dark as normal and for a blonde kid, it was quite a noticeable difference. Then he went for his ‘nap’ (by now it was 6pm) and when Adeline went to wake him for supper an hour later, despite going into his room and calling his name multiple times, he would not wake up. So she let him sleep. And he was up around 10:30 saying he was hungry. At least this way he was able to give Greg his Father’s Day gift that he made at school.

I know this is super random, but it all goes back to last night’s viewing of the Glee episode where they sing a couple Justin Bieber songs. “Comeback”, that’s the episode. Maybe it wasn’t last night, maybe it was another night, I can’t remember. Anyway, it made me think of one of the strangest things that ever happened to me while working at McDonald’s. It was during this past summer and I as working in the 1st Drive-Thru window. It must have been a Saturday because we were super busy which resulted in cars having to wait at the windows for a bit sometimes. Well, this one car had two parents and three teenagers. They said they were from Calgary (one of the teens was from South Africa I think?) and were on a Justin Bieber tour… I don’t know if they were doing a Justin Bieber tour because they were in Stratford, or they were in Stratford specifically to do a Justin Bieber tour. I honestly think the mother was more excited than the teens. She was kind of going crazy. She asked me if I had ever seen him (JB) being as how I worked in his hometown and all. I replied yes (that’s another story) and she started freaking out and told one of the girls to take a picture of me ‘because she’s seen Justin Bieber’. Now, I don’t know if they actually took my picture, but I hope not. Since I had to where a visor I usually just pulled my hair back into a messy bun and didn’t really wear much make-up. I might have had my glasses on, I don’t know. Either way, I usually didn’t look the greatest at work. This incident made me lost a little faith in humanity. I mean, celebrities are just people like you and me, they just happen to be a lot more well known. For a little more insight into my thoughts on celebrities and why we go crazy when one is near check out a past post of mine. Mostly it’s just me being silly, but there a few relevant sentences :P.

If you are curious about when/how I saw Justin Bieber (this is totally not helping my case AT ALL) here it is: it was at McDonald’s. Apparently he likes the pancakes(?). I was in the 2nd Drive-Thru window or I would have been blissfully unaware of his presence (or at least unable to take a peek). I will admit, I did a slight ‘walk-by’ to get something that was out of my ‘hole’. Now I can say I’ve seen a “celebrity”. The Drive-Thru was staying fairly steady so I actually had the really great excuse of my job that prevented me from staring. Mostly just to see what all the hype is about. It wasn’t that exciting. He came in, got breakfast with a friend, and left running away across the parking lot. Obviously it wasn’t very memorable because I don’t remember a lot of details. I believe he was wearing all red. At least a red shirt and hat. And not a nice subdued red either, but an obnoxious, loud, ‘bah look at me!’ red. One of my managers (who shall remain nameless) his in my little hole with me because he knew that if he actually went around that tiny dividing wall and had to look at the boy that he would start making fun of him. Not a fan. I can’t really say I am a fan or I’m not. I don’t go out of my way to listen to his music and watching that Glee episode was the first time I’ve ever listened to any of his songs in full. Maybe this is because I’m out of that teeny-bopper phase, but I think it’s incredibly….(pulling out the thesaurus here)…inane* to be singing about ‘love’ when you’re 15 (or however old he was/is). I mean, maybe this is just jealousy rearing its ugly head, but I think it’s ridiculous! Don’t get me wrong, I do NOT want crazy fans screaming because I’m in the vicinity or making ‘will you marry me’ posters. I’d like to think I have more class than that, ha. It’s not that he doesn’t have some talent, because he does I’ll admit it, I just think that maybe he should have waited to start recording music till after his voice had changed ^_^.

Enough ranting. It is not casting a very good light on me and just makes me seem petty and spiteful.

*in·ane [ih-neyn]


1. lacking sense, significance, or ideas; silly: inane questions.
2. empty; void.
I had fun looking up synonyms for stupid. I think it’s time I expand my vocabulary. ^_^
Also, I almost forgot! While we were giving the boys their baths, Adeline lost the game! MUWAHAHAHAHA! I’ve let loose a monster of unimaginable proportions!
Errrr…sorry. You should all know by now, sometimes I lose my brain. Like right now. I think it might be hiding in one of my drawers or trying to sneak out the open window, I’m not really sure. Something is propelling my fingers to type, but I don’t think it’s my brain. Speaking of this silliness, it sort of goes along with being a Crazy Chic. Which is why I’m part of Lefemmeroar Crazy Chicks Club. A little craziness goes a long way. In appropriate proportions at appropriate times of course.
Have a great day!
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  1. I love your posts about Bastien. I imagine picking raspberries and cherries with you. It just sounds so wonderful 🙂

    • For the most part it is. Of course, since he woke up last night he was tired this morning and very grumpy. When I said Hello and Goodbye, both times he told me to stop. This year is really helping me (and at the same time making it harder) decide if I want to have kids someday. I always wanted to growing up. Now I’m not so sure. I don’t want to have kids just because that is the ‘natural order of things’. I want to make sure that it’s something I’m ready for because I really like ‘me time’. I know it’s different with your own kids, but this is as much of a dry run as I’m going to get and I think it’s helping me mature quite a bit. At least I’m not just blindly deciding that kids is the way to go. I’m taking the time to seriously think it through before I even get into a relationship.

      But yes, it’s wonderful! Both boys are so precious. ^_^


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