If laughing makes you live longer I think I just gained 5 years.

This morning Bastien asked to watched a movie again. The usual rule is only on the weekends, or rather, only on days you don’t have school. Since he was sick last week he ended up watching Peter Pan everyday (except Tuesday I think). This morning I played outside with him for a bit, but eventually he asked again and so that was that. Of course he wanted to watch Peter Pan again. Adeline told him that he wouldn’t be able to watch it all before lunch and that he could finish the rest after his nap. He countered with ‘after eating’. But no, we were firm, it was after his nap or not at all. I told him too, tomorrow he can’t watch it because he has school. He eventually gave in, but it ended up being moot because it was over before we ate.

There were two main events that happened today to make us laugh:

#1. After putting him in his pj’s Adeline was taking Sylvain downstairs to have his bottle. She put him down on the floor and held him up so he was ‘walking’. It was hilariously adorable because every time he would lift up a leg he gave it this little kick before stepping down on it. He did this all the way down the stairs. When we got down, she did it again to show Greg and Sylvain did the same thing. Kind of reminded me of the Can-Can.

#2. Bastien is in the process of potty training. Its success has been on and off. Now the deal is, every time he uses the potty and not his diaper, he gets a sticker to put in a book. He likes stickers, so this should work as a good motivator. Maybe too good…we were sitting downstairs, watching Glee when all of a sudden we heard the pitter-patter of little feet and look over to see Bastien doing this sort of run with steps so small it was almost as if he was running on the spot. We inquired as to what brought him out of bed and he replied saying he had to pee. So Adeline hopped up and took him upstairs. Turns out it was a false alarm. But it was still cute and had us (Greg and I anyway) laughing. At least I thought it was cute.

Sylvain is also making progress in the crawling department. Put anything like a camera or an iPod out of his reach and he’ll crawl at you to get it! It’s how I got a little video of him crawling; he just wanted to touch my camera.

And as promised, here is a picture of Greg’s Father’s Day gift (made by Adeline and Bastien):

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