Happy Father’s Day!

Or is it? Well, it is in Belgium. I thought it was in Canada too so I called home today to talk to my Dad. He was grateful either way. It also gave me a chance to talk to my Mom. Today was also Capucine’s baptism (Capucine is Bastien and Sylvain’s cousin). Although I didn’t understand everything, I’m getting better at it! And repetition is your friend…so is process of elimination.

Since I was talking on the phone with my Mom I
missed when Bastien gave Greg his gift, but I did get a picture of it (which I will post tomorrow). Although it’s not too overly late and I can sleep in (at least a little bit) because tomorrow’s a holiday, I just didn’t want to turn on my computer so I’m posting via iPod again.

Getting to see Charles-Antoine, Anne-Catherine, Jeff and Aurore again was cool. Also, I have to remember to put ‘Spring Awakening’ on my USB key for Aurore. It’ a rock musical that won the Tony Award for Best Musical in 2007. Also, if you’ve seen at least one episode of Glee and know who the characters Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) and Jesse St. James (Jonathon Groff) are than you might be interested in knowing that they played the lead roles in ‘SA’ in the original cast. Cool huh?

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