Weekend at the Sea: Friday June 3

This post was handwritten on Friday.

This morning started off like every other morning. The difference  being we started a movie for Bastien to keep him busy while we made sure everything was good to go. Greg had to go get Adeline’s bike (from the shop), but after he got back we were set. We left around 10 I think. If my memory serves me correctly we got here around 12:50 (here being CenterParcs). And that was with a detour. I fell asleep…twice. The first time wasn’t for very long, but the second was for an hour, I woke up about 15 minutes or so before we got here. The reason I fell asleep was because Wednesday night I was up till 2m listening to my audio book. Last night the same thing. The difference was that I only listened for about an hour, but I was wide awake! I didn’t even take a nap yesterday. After I had woken up and got a chance to look around a bit, Adeline explained to me that because this part of Belgium is flatter than the Walloon (French) Region , a lot more people bike everywhere. And we saw a lot of people on bikes. Around Wasseiges we’ll see groups of bikers, all official looking in the same biking gear and everything, but not as many people just going for a leisurely ride.

Upon arrival we ate our sandwiches and waited for Greg (we had gotten separated somewhere along the line). Once he got there we waited for Nico and Claire, friends of Adeline and Greg who are sharing the cottage with us this weekend. Once we were all here and a little organized we went to the pool for a swim since we couldn’t actually go to the cottage yet. The changing area was quite foreign to me, but makes sense and it works. I think I like it better than the one’s in Canada, it offers more privacy. Not that I go to public pools/water pars that often to know. Basically, there’s a hallway and on either side are doors for change rooms. Each change room (stall) has a door at either end. Once you’re done changing you go out the opposite side you came in which takes you to the lockers. This is where you have to take off your shoes and then put the lockers to use (obviously) if you want/need to. Then you go to the shower area, rinse off and enjoy the pool! The sides are not split up by gender which is what was so strange for me at first. But this way you have more privacy because you’re changing in an individual stall instead of one big room.

Once all of our stuff was in the cottage we had to figure out where everyone was going to sleep. There’s one bedroom on the main floor and three upstairs. Nico and Claire are downstairs with baby Victor. Upstairs Bastien is sharing a room with Sylvain and I’m the lucky one who gets a room to myself. There are two single beds in each room and I started to make one up for me. Then I sat on it and found out it was quite stiff. I tried the other once and it had a little more give so I switched them. As I was finishing up, Bastien came into my room and said “what are you doing with my bed?!”. I had to explain to him that it was his because this was my room. It was funny because he was all in a huff over the fact that I was ‘doing something with his bed’. It wasn’t the last time he mixed up the rooms. I don’t blame him though, they were right across from each other.

My room before.

My room after.

Finally, after many tries, Bastien went to sleep for his nap. The only problem was we woke him up about an hour later to go to supper. Needless to say – but I’m saying it anyway – he was grumpy. It was a descent walk, despite the wind (we had supper in the Market Square each night…it was buffet style, included in the rental of the cottage). The Market Square is in the same building complex as the pool and walking inside was like walking into a greenhouse :S. It was a huge difference because the wind made it so cool outside. Of course when we left it felt even cooler.

Tonight we tried a local beer. Den Haene.  The town near where the park is, De Haan, means rooster in Dutch. It’s not bad. I haven’t had a beer in a while so I can’t really compare it that well, but it definitely warmed up my throat. Honestly, I’m just a wuss when it comes to alcohol. I can admit that now. I’ll try it because Belgium has so many different types of beer and it’s part of the experience, but I don’t like drinking any kind of alcohol on a regular basis.

We also (all the adults minus Claire) played a game called Dixit. There’s a board you have to move around and like many other board games the person who gets to the end first wins. Along with the board is a deck of cards. These aren’t just any cards, they’re special. Gah, I should have taken pictures of some! They have different images on all of them. I believe you always have 6 in your hand…There are also these little numbered pieces you use for voting. It starts with one person who says a word/phrase/song lyrics/person/movie title/etc. that corresponds in someway to a card in their hand. Everyone else has to choose one of their cards that could in some way be connected to what was said. Then you put them all face down in the middle and the person whose turn it is mixes them up and places them face up on the table in a row. They are numbered and the other people have to vote on which card they think is the right card. Sometimes it’s too obvious and everyone gets it right (then they all get points but the person whose turn it was doesn’t). I can’t remember exactly how the scoring went…I don’t think I fully understood it at the time. I thought it was going to be super hard, but even thought I didn’t win, I managed to hold my own. I had a few cards that could have been really obvious, but I didn’t use them. I wanted to make a few references, but didn’t because they wouldn’t have got them. Heck, most of my friends wouldn’t have got one of them either because it was in reference to a musical that is well-known in musical theater circles, but not outside of that really(said musical being Little Shop of Horrors…I had a picture of a garden with plants that looked like they had teeth – it was a long stretch, but that’s part of the game!). I did have a card with a monkey and a bunch of numbers so I said ‘Curious George’. I wasn’t sure if they would have heard of it, but seeing as how everyone in North America would have, I figured there was a chance. It turns out they had no idea, but Adeline still voted for my card….only because I made a mistake and she was paying more attention than I was! It was my first turn and so as I was laying the cards down I would pause to look at the others to see what they were, but with my card I just put it down quick and went to the next one. Rookie mistake.

Who doesn’t love a good sunset. Even with the trees in the way this was a nice sight from my window. I even moved the other bed under the window and just sat there with it open letting the wind blow in my face. It was quite calming.

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