I would love to see Bastien at a theme park.

Ok, ok, so maybe he’s too young and he would be more scared than anything (unless they were kiddie rides), but when he goes “ouais, ouais” [yeah, yeah, with arms up in the air) it’s HILARIOUS! A theme park or a rock concert, either way that filled up my cuteness quota for the day. This was happening on our way home from school. This week we’re trying something different. He doesn’t always nap well at school and when he doesn’t nap he’s grumpy (I don’t blame him, I think more people need to nap during the day :P). So we’re going to try picking him up at noon everyday and see if that makes a difference, him being able to nap at home. One of his teachers told me that he ate his lunch really well, but he was a bit difficult. No wonder, it was going on 10:30pm before he was in bed last night! He might have been a little difficult at school, but he was great with me on the way home. He went down for his nap shortly after we arrived so I was able to study for my test. The test which is the reason I haven’t caught up on my posts.

Today was special for a couple of reasons. Not that test taking is special, but it means that I am done. I finished my written test (the first one done!) and did my oral as well, so in two weeks (next Monday is a holiday) I can go back and check my scores, but I won’t have to write anymore. I will have to go back in September, and I know the summer will fly by, but at least I’m done until then. It was also special because today is the day I would have received my university diploma had I been in Canada for commencement. The school will be mailing it to my home (Mom, Dad, don’t open it! I want to), but it’s official; I can now officially say I have an Honours BMus in voice. A BMus (Bachelor of Music) is better than a BA with a major in Music. Just in case you wondered ;). I know commencement is super boring, but graduating from university is a big deal, I’m a little bummed I missed it. I’ll get over that soon enough though, no worries.

Today the weather was just delightful! Ok, it was raining, but still. I love it when the sun is trying to peek through the clouds and you get this light rain that just smells delightful. Plus there was thunder! Just a little, but it made me happy. I’m not sure why, but I’m able to find something wonderful in all types of weather. This is a good thing because it takes a lot to bum me out. I mean, if I have outdoor plans and it rains, yeah that sucks. Or if it’s been raining and crappy for an entire month, that’s no fun either. And even I get a little sick of winter by the end (but that’s mostly because it stops snowing and things just look gross with the brown/grey snow and the slush that’s everywhere). So, I spent the day inside, catching up on email (which translates to blog post and comment alerts) and studying for my test. It was quite humid and heavy earlier. When I went to pick up Bastien from school the sun was shining and it was hot.

Hmmm, I really need to tidy up in here. All my stuff from this weekend is just kind of strewn about. I can still see the majority of my floor (it helps that my room is really big :D), but I’ve got it kind of laying right in the middle. Maybe I can take care of that tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow morning Adeline and I will go to Louvain-la-Neuve to drop off the red car (so I will be car-less this week). Aurore and Jeff are back again for a week. I think we’re going to make a trip to this one sports store to get me a Camelbak! Whoopee!

During my oral test the teacher asked my what I liked and didn’t like about the class. I mentioned that I didn’t like when people answered out of turn (or I tried to, I’m not sure if I ended up getting that point across) and how people don’t turn their cell phones off, but have them on full volume and then they go off 2 or 3 times IN THE MIDDLE OF A TEST! Maybe it’s their age, almost all of them wouldn’t have had cell phones in school, or maybe they just don’t take the course very seriously (I know, I know, I can get distracted too), but when I was in school you weren’t allowed to have your cell phones in class. Or they had to be turned off. Or something. But if they want off in the middle of class, and especially a test, you got in trouble. I mean, you know you’re taking a test, turn it off/put it on silence. And I don’t care who you are, if you can’t think of the fact that maybe your cell phone going off with extremely loud music might be distracting for your classmates, than maybe you’re a twit or something. Gah! Sorry, but the one guy put it on speaker and started his conversation as he walked out the door…and we could still hear him in the hall. I got my own little revenge on him though. He may not have known that it was revenge, but I did. He’s one of the guys that I drive home and so I decided I was going to put on some music. I think he’s from Croatia. He’s played some music in my car a couple of times and it’s very different from North American Country. So I decided to play the most country of the country music I have to see if he would get annoyed. At one point he took out his phone and I thought he was going to play some music, but I said ‘it’s my car, I’m going to listen to my music!’. It turns out he was just going to send a text. Maybe it was petty of me, but one can only take so much. Plus, I just wanted to listen to some country music :).  I realize after re-reading this that it was really petty of me. Maybe I shouldn’t rant on my blog. Then again, it’s kind of therapeutic getting it all out like this. Not that talking about it isn’t effective, there’s just something about typing it out that does me good. I would write it down, but that would take longer. I can type much faster than I can write…at least if I want it to be legible. Not that I’m anti-writing, on the contrary, I think it’s very important. I was on dictionary.com today and they had a little write-up on the benefits of writing as opposed to typing, how it helps you be creative and so on. That’s why when I write in my journal (which doesn’t happen very often) and when I write letters to my friends, I hand write them to keep in practice.

So that was my day. I am quite relieved to be finished that test. I could use a massage right now though! My neck is just a tad sore. Hope you all had a great Monday!

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