Today water inside a sandbox lid, tomorrow the North Sea!

That’s right. We’re going to a park right near the sea for the weekend. This is one of those times when I wish I had a smart phone or something because there’s no internet there. Now, I’m not SO addicted to technology that I need the internet everyday…but I do need it for my blog. Therefore, there will be no posts for at least 3 days (!) after this. It makes me sad. At least it’s not just because I’m lazy. I think we’re coming back Monday morning and Monday evening I have my oral (and maybe written) test for French. >_< I’m not too worried, but I know I’m going to make some super embarrassing mistake that we’ve covered in class a bunch of times. I can feel it.

Maybe you’re wondering about the sandbox lid? Well, with the weather being so hot Adeline has been filling it with water just after lunch to let it warm up a bit while Bastien has his nap. Then he can play in it when he wakes up. ‘Wakes’ is a strange word. On one of my alarms on my iPod it says ‘Wake up!!’. Every morning when it goes off and I look at that I think the word ‘wake’ looks strange. You know how that happens when you stare or say a word too long. You start to think you’ve spelled it wrong our you’re just going crazy. This kind of thing happens to me ALL the time. One thing that’s happened recently that is not crazy is the update of a couple of my iPod apps. I have two free dictionaries: French/English and German/English. They were decent before, giving the present tense conjugations of words, but the other day they were updated and poof! Now it gives every conjugation possible to a ton more words than before. Originally I think it conjugated 10 words. Now there’s about 95 (for the French at least). The one thing I don’t like is now it doesn’t translate the verbs for you. Before if you were looking in English it had the French in parentheses (and vice versa), but not anymore. I mean, you just have to look up a word and then search for it in the conjugations section. It’s much more helpful now, I’m super happy.

You know what else made me super happy today? Bastien. We played outside for a while this morning. It was awesome. After a bit Adeline brought Sylvain out, but he got really heavy (he’s getting big!) and Bastien wanted to move around so I went inside to put Sylvain in his carrier thing (the one you tie around your waist, shoulders, and back. It made things a lot easier and eventually he fell asleep. Adeline had Bastien try on his bike helmet and he kept it on the entire time we were outside. With me occupying the boys it gave Greg and Adeline time to organize things for tomorrow. Almost everything is packed and will be put in cars tonight so tomorrow we don’t have as much to do. Yeah, Bastien was really great with me for almost the entire day. He was even pretty good when I gave him his bath. There was minimal whining/crying. It took a lot of coaxing to get the sunscreen on him this afternoon….I wonder how it’s going to work this weekend. One of the funniest items of the day happened at lunch. I think it was an artificial crab stick. We know he likes them because earlier he wanted to eat all 3 and he’s eaten them in the past. When we got around to giving it to him he said he didn’t want it because he doesn’t like them. He kept saying he didn’t like it as he was eating it. This happens often. Kids are funny that way.

Kids are also really funny running around half-naked. I’m sure everyone has a funny bare-bottom story from their childhood (I know my sister does!). Well, after Bastien did his ‘business’ in the potty he started running around with just his pajama shirt on…and his bike helmet. Honestly, funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. Add to this the fact that he was grinning and seemed really happy made it all the more comical.

So I’m not sure yet how I’m going to do this when we get back. I don’t know if I want to write one big, long post or split them up into a post a day. I think I might split them up so it’s not so much at once. Goodness knows I’ll probably have a lot to write about. We might be riding horses on the beach, how exciting! And of course the pictures. So enjoy the break and be ready to read next week, there’s bound to something of interest for everyone ^_^.

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