Success is a wonderful thing.

Well, it can be wonderful. Too much of it can give you a big head and then you’re no good to anybody. Tonight for dinner I made chicken and potatoes along with a veggie salad. It was boneless, skinless chunks of chicken which I poached and added a herb mix. I wanted to give my version of seasoned potato chunks another go (I don’t know what to actually call them…I cook them in a frying pan with oil and herbs, preferably until they are crispy). But this time I learned from my previous mistake and pre-cooked them in boiling water. They could have been a little crisper for my taste, but they weren’t burnt this time and tasted pretty good. I was content. For the most part the chicken was good, but it might have been just a tad dry. I didn’t plan out my timing very well, so that was totally my fault. The veggie salad consisted of carrots, yellow bell pepper, and zucchini. So there you have it; nothing was burnt, everything was edible. Success in a frying pan.

Today Bastien wore his Roots Canada t-shirt I brought (for the first time). It’s still a little big on him, but that was the plan. Before he started eating I asked if I could take a picture and he said yes. By the time breakfast was over he had changed his mind. Either that or he forgot. While we were waiting for Bastien to finish eating, Adeline showed me this game that the Romans used to play with sheep bones. It involves a lot of throwing and catching; on the back of you hand, in the palm of your hand. It takes a lot of practice…I managed to succeed a couple of times, but I lost more often than not. Watching Bastien attempt was very humorous and cute.

I knew it was supposed to rain today, but I didn’t expect the downpour I was faced with when I opened the door this morning. Adeline and I grabbed our jackets, Bastien wanted his hood up, and we put the cover on Sylvain’s seat so he wouldn’t get soaked. By the time I got home from dropping him off it had almost stopped. As far as I know it drizzled off and on all day and there were also another couple of downpours. We needed it. Big time.

And Sylvain. Sometimes I think he drools more than a St. Bernard. Or any other large dog you  favour. Before putting him to bed (I spent some time while getting him ready just looking at him….he is SO DARN CUTE!) I lifted him up above my head like an airplane. His face above my face. I knew this was risky (because of the drool), but I was suffering from momentary brain loss. I saw that bead of drool collecting on his bottom lip and knew it was time to bring him down lest said drool were to fall on me. I was a little too late. Luckily it only landed on my chin and it was one of his smaller contributions so it wasn’t too bad.

There’s something I want to say about my writing that I’ve noticed a lot lately. I always knew this, but it’s only really become obvious to me over the last couple of days and by reading the blogs of others. My paragraphs are always so random, they never connect to one another. I always change topics so abruptly. This has been a thorn in my side for a long time. All through my University career, especially, with the writing of academic papers. My teachers would always comment on it and I would try to improve, but I don’t believe I had very much success. And now I’m doing the same thing here. It actually makes it kind of hard to read. The thing is, I don’t want this to turn into something that I’m spending hours on each day. 1) I don’t have (or want to take) that much time for it and 2) then it would really start to feel like homework and I would dread having to post everyday. I guess technically I don’t have to post everyday, but we’ve been over that many times before. I just want to enjoy talking about my day. Hear’s to hoping I can improve just enough that my posts aren’t so disjointed and sound like I have ADD or something and am always all over the place. I guess I am kind of like that actually…but I don’t want always write that way! Bah. Phooey. I can’t win.

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