Today was hot. On one weather website I found that the high was supposed to be 28°C. I don’t know if it was that or higher, but it was hot. A bit humid too….the air was really heavy. Even leaving the house at 8:30 this morning I was hot with a light sweater on. We’re expecting a thunderstorm tonight and rain and much cooler temperatures tomorrow (but it’s supposed to go back up by the weekend). I was told by a friend (yesterday) that the K-W area is expecting around 40° (or what feels like 40°) this week with thunderstorms. I took advantage of the brilliant, cloudless sky to get a little colour. I wasn’t that successful. I was out for 2 hours (1 before lunch, 1 after). Unfortunately my neck and face were previously burned and have been exposed to the sun on a lot more on my long walks, so it will take a lot for the rest of me to catch up. I just don’t want to look like a vampire at the beach this weekend!

Do you remember back in January when I was putting in some French words without accents because I said I couldn’t put them in on this site? And then a friend told me about this site that has French accents, IPA symbols, German characters, Polish characters, etc., that you can just cut and paste. So I did that. Then I found a button that it just at the top of the writing window on WordPress that is called the Kitchen Sink and it has a button to ‘Insert custom characters’, which include French accents. Oh man. I feel like a dork. I actually discovered the Kitchen Sink a few weeks ago, I just kept forgetting about it!

Bastien was very nice with me after school today. The only time I had an issue was when he wanted to play outside and I told him he had to put on sunscreen. He loathes sunscreen apparently. Every time you tell him he has to put it on he cries ‘Noooo, I don’t want sunscreen’. So I told him he had to put on his sunglasses and hat (those are a give with or without the sunscreen) and he could only play where there was no sun. So he went up into his play house, but when he stood on the uncovered part I told him he had to go in the cabin because of the sun. I was kind of hoping this would make him agree to the sunscreen so he could play anywhere. This didn’t last too long before he had to go to the washroom. So in we went and then he wanted to take a nap. So he went to bed, Adeline came home, I went to class.

Today’s French class consisted of test preparation. Next Monday we have our oral tests and we might also be starting our written tests at the same time. It would make sense because I can see a some people wasting time while not doing their oral test. I feel fairly confident, but of course there are things I need to review. And by things I mean I’m going to review everything. I guess I’m taking my notes with me this weekend…..

After dinner we were in the kitchen and Bastien wanted a cherry tomato. So Greg helped him wash it off and he put it in his mouth. Now, Adeline clearly said ‘close your mouth and then…bite (I think)’. So he closed his mouth, but then he opened it again (the tomato was pretty big for him) and he bit down and SPLOTCH! When it broke open a stream of tomato innards flew across the floor. Projectile tomato innards. It was quite amusing, although a bit messy.

After getting Sylvain all ready for bed I took him to say goodnight to Bastien and Greg. Just after Greg gave him a kiss he up-chucked a little. Right on my shirt. A bit on the floor, but thankfully it missed the couch. It wasn’t milk so it must have been whatever he had for lunch today. It wasn’t that bad, it was just a little bit.

And that was my day. I just hope that if we do get thunder it isn’t too loud. We all need sleep, but Greg has to leave early tomorrow and Wednesday so being woken up in the middle of the night by thunder would not be cool.

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  1. Up-chuck huh? What a way to say good night.

    • I know. I guess up-chuck might have been a little strong. In reality he just spit up, but it was sort of right in the middle between the two. But he’s so cute that you can only get mad at him when he won’t open his mouth to eat and food-mush gets everywhere. He’ll just vomit on you and then smile as if nothing happened. Then you laugh, get yourself cleaned up and get on with your day.

    • Aww, thanks! I’m working on it. Sometimes it’s easy to get really frustrated, but I just have to remember to have patience and transfer calm. I don’t always succeed, but I’m getting better at it. The hardest is when you know you should explain why you’re angry, but because of the language barrier you can’t do a good job and you just want to give up.


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