Oh iTunes…

So as most of you probably don’t know I have an old laptop. This September will 6 years since I got it. That’s old. I am grateful that it still works, albeit slowly. My old pal only has 26GB of space available…this is not a lot. When I’ve reached a critically low amount of disk space it sends me messages asking if I want to clear up space. I need 200MB or more of space for things to work properly. Anyway, to clear up space so that this clunker would actually run I had to choose which programs I could get rid of and reinstall on my external hard drive (which has a lot more space). I thought about my webcam, but realized that if I ever wanted to move my computer while Skype-ing, I could not easily take the hard drive with me. So that had to stay. I realized iTunes was a good choice, because if I was ever going to be on the move with my music I would be using my iPod. Of course I saved all my music files first and the un-installed the program. It has since been reinstalled and now comes the onerous task of getting all my music back into iTunes. Maybe it’s only such a burden because I don’t know the easiest/fasted way to do this. My computer science course I took in University didn’t cover that sort of thing.

Also, I’m in the process of creating a Flickr account specifically for the pictures I want to post on my blog. ‘Why do this?’ you ask. The answer is simple; I only have 3GB of space for pictures available to me for free, of which I only have 455.1MB (14.8%) left. I wasn’t paying so much attention to that part when I started uploading pictures…maybe I wouldn’t have uploaded so many! Flickr is also free and so I will just include a link in the blog with any pictures that I want to go with it. Now you may ask, ‘why not just post them on Facebook?’. This too would be a simple answer. Or would it? In reality not everyone who reads (or may read in the future) this blog is a) my Facebook friend, or b) on Facebook at all. And as I’m sure you are aware, for privacy reasons I don’t post pictures of the kids faces on here. So, we’ll see how this works. I was having some issues getting started, but I hope those will be sorted out quickly.

Bastien and Greg spent most of the day with Greg’s parents so it was just Adeline, Sylvain, and I at home. Most of my afternoon was spent on the computer trying to make some headway with my music. I also slept through the church bells this morning! Between the hour of 9 and 10 they ring a few different times for long periods of time. I didn’t realize I was that tired. It’s not like I was up super early the morning before (well, actually I was, but I went back to sleep). I don’t know.

Now that I’ve bored you all to tears (yay if you’ve read this far!) I’m going to say goodnight. Here’s to another great week!

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