Les Nuits du Cirque

Ouais for the circus! Ouais being the French spelling for yeah. I don’t know if it’s being slightly dehydrated, or if it’s from my 27 min. power walk back to the car, or if it’s from the fruit flavoured beer (which didn’t taste very strong, I hope I can hold my liquor better than that!), but I’ve got one heck of a headache and I’m totally pooped out. And yes, that’s right, it took us about 27 minutes to get to the car from the Abbey. That’s how far away we had to park. It’s wasn’t a bad walk, although on the way back it was mostly up hill, but I was pushing Sylvain so I had something to hold on to ^_^.

So I finally got the app. Angry Birds on my iPod, and let me tell you, it’s addictive. The problem is I’ve already played through all the levels in the free version. Some of them took me a really long time and made me angry, but eventually I got them.

The circus was different from what I think of when I think circus. It was at Villers-la-Ville (the ruins of an Abbey) and you just walked around to different events/showcases. They had a couple of travelling bands, one more a marching style, one more jazzy. The guitarist in the jazzy band had his amp on a little wagon type contraption attached to his back…it was one of the strangest – but coolest – things I’ve seen. There were lots of people on stilts as well. Some dressed up as clowns, others as leaves. And the food lines! Super long. They ran out of fries while Greg was in line for those, but we did get sausages and afterwards churros (a Mexican dessert…they look like fries with sugar on them).

Unfortunately there was a lot we didn’t get to see because we were waiting for food, but even though I missed some of the circus stuff, the ruins were really cool to look at. I’m definitely taking my family there when they come. It’s a self guided tour, audio-guide optional, but you can just walk through at your own pace, go where you want and you can walk through the ruins. It’s really neat, I can wait to go back and explore a little more. We also stood in line for 30-40 min. or so waiting for Bastien to be able to get his face painted…but when it got to him he wouldn’t sit in the seat to get it done. Oh Bastien.

So other than that and re-downloading iTunes onto my external hard drive so I have more space on my actual computer, I didn’t really do much today. And now I’m going to go to bed so I don’t sleep the day away tomorrow.

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