I think I’ve found my new massage therapist.

Yes, that’s right folks, Bastien. Tonight is the second time he’s wanted to give me a massage. There’s a drawer in the bathroom with handheld devices, most of which have pegs, and I’m guessing are used if you want to massage something ^_^. Bastien dug through the drawer and told me he wanted to give me a massage so I sat down in front of him and he ran each item over my back once very lightly. It was hilarious. Once he was in the bath he was making his ‘evil laugh’ again, but this time he was using a cup as an amplifier. I asked if I could try to he let me. Then we proceeded to trade it back and forth making evil laughs. Any time I would do it quietly or very high-pitched, he’d ask me to do it louder. At least we were having a good time and he was in a good mood.

I have another Bastien story. This happened a couple of days ago but I kept forgetting to mention it. The other day as we were eating breakfast he wanted to make sure I knew how to hold my spoon and eat properly. I think this is because we’re always reminding him. When he put the spoon in his mouth he made a ‘mmmm’ sound. So when I followed suit I also made a ‘mmmm’ sound. His response was an enthusiastic Bravo!

Adeline and I spent the afternoon tentatively planning out my family’s vacation. We needed to work in the different locations, who has what time off, who is doing what, etc., as smoothly as possible. I think it worked out pretty good. Also, since I have a car available here they wondered if we could use that so they didn’t have to rent a car for the entire 20 days they are here. We also took that into consideration. This is what it looks like right now. I think we did a pretty good job, although to be honest, it was mostly Adeline!

July 22: Brenneman’s arrive 7:45ish am(?). Rest (and visit?) the rest of the day.

July 23: Recover from jet lag. Rent a car.

July 24: Travel to France to Hattigny and the Risholtz farm (it’s in my Mom’s family geneology). Spend the night in Strasbourg (which is really close by).

July 25: Leave for Verbier, Switzerland.

July 26-29: Enjoy Verbier.

July 30: Travel to Munich, Germany, spend the night there.

July 31: Go to the concentration camp in Dachau (near Munich). Travel back to Belgium.

August 1-5: Take back rental car. Day trips in Belgium. One day travel to Brussels and get a tour from Dominique in the morning, Mini-Europe and the Atomium in the afternoon.

August 6: Travel to Amsterdam. Spend the night there.

August 7: Spend day in Amsterdam, leave that night.

August 8 & 9: Rest, visit, more day trips?

August 10: Depart for Canada 😦

When put out like that it seems like such a short trip! There is a lot of travel time, but we’ll get to spend it together and there’s a lot of great countryside to see along the way!

I know my parents want some flexibility and this does allow for some. It can be tweaked. It’s just a starting point, but I think it works out. There’s a lot of things they want to see so they might not get that much time to just chill! Although my list of things to do in Belgium is up to about 40, some of those are things I know I’ll most likely do on my own, and I’m sure they won’t want to do all the others. Some planning will have to wait until they get here, but some is important to do before hand.

After supper we all spent some time in the TV room. Adeline playing piano, Greg playing with the boys, and me taking a video of it! Bastien had SO MUCH energy today. It was insane. Sylvain is getting so close to actually crawling. The funniest thing he does right now is grab for things. He doesn’t always cry when he’s hungry, but when you put that bottle in front of him he grabs for it with both hands. He knows what he wants and is willing to take it. Like his soother; he will go for that every time although lately we’re not always giving it to him so he can make lots of noises. And of course smile at us. ^_^  



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