It’s time for some Bastien stories!

Those are always exciting. First of all, yesterday – because it was so hot – Adeline took the cover from Bastien’s sand box and filled it with water to make a little pool. He seemed to have a lot of fun in it!

I know I said I wanted to try to tan today, and I also said that Canada could give us some of their rain…well, it looks like the rain won. I think it might have rained a little bit earlier in the day, but I guess it supposed to rain and storm tonight. I want thunder, I love thunder. Although if it is waking-up-children thunder that’s not so good.

So this morning at breakfast Bastien told me that at school there is a big Simon and a little Simon. I asked him if there was another Bastien and he told me that in The Little Mermaid the crab was named Bastien just like him. I said it’s Sebastien, not Bastien, but that it’s close. He was having non of it. He was sticking to his guns that they have the same name.

Also, I was walking behind his chair to put his milk on the table at the same time he was moving his chair out to climb up. I bumped into the chair and before I could respond he said ‘Pardon Holly’. I said, ‘that’s ok it was my fault’. To which Bastien replied, ‘no, it was my fault’. I just found this so cute because you know how most of the time with little kids you have to tell them to apologize, and he did it on his own right away. Even though he didn’t need to. It was adorable.

On the way home from school he was talking about playing with a friend – Beni – and I brought up the fact that both Beni and Bastien start with B’s. He seemed to find this very interesting and worth an amused laugh. It was/is also super windy today and I mentioned that and the fact that this made it chilly. I said it was cold because the sun was hiding. Bastien said, ‘yes, it’s taking a nap’. I asked him why the sun was taking a nap and he told me it was because the sun was tired. I replied that the sun slept all night, why is it tired? I don’t remember if he had a response to that. To him, the sun was napping because it was tired. Which I think is a pretty good story.

Of course, Bastien was tired too and was in and out of sleep on the way to pick up Sylvain. Of course he had to wake up to go inside (which always puts him in a bad mood – but who wouldn’t be?!), but he fell asleep again on the way home. It was talking to him and he replied. I looked back maybe 5-10seconds later and he was asleep! He woke up a little when I took him out of the car, and then when I put him in his bed he seemed quite alert when he was asking where his soother was. Then he was out for almost the next 3 hours!

And then there was today. Of course it wasn’t this dark all day (these were taken at 9pm), but it was still grey and gloomy all day. Not that I minded. Grey and gloomy can be fun, just waiting for a storm.

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