I’ve hit a slump.

These last two days I just don’t want to blog. I have pictures from my last walk, some which might be interesting for you, but I have no motivation to post them.

One thing I forgot to mention last night is Bastien and his evil laugh. Well, he was trying to do an evil laugh and was getting pretty good at it. Then I started doing it and he thought it was the funniest thing. Key to making Bastien laugh: Laugh like an “evil” maniac. Dr. Evil springs to mind. That sets him right off. We were doing it today to after lunch, Adeline and I.

This afternoon Adeline and I went outside to do some yard work. She mowed the lawn and clean out the chicken house, while I put fresh straw down and weeded the one flower bed. I hope it’s as sunny tomorrow as it was today…I want to put my bathing suit on and even out my tan! I kind of look funny now when I wear a shirt that has a V-shaped neck. My neck, lower arms, and face are all nicely bronzed, but the rest of me is still pretty white. I guess I shouldn’t be complaining as we’ve had un-seasonally warm weather. Although it might be helpful if Canada gave us some of their rain, our grass is really parched sickly looking.

You know it’s great when you go to pick up Sylvain and he’s excited that you’re there. Bastien too. I’ve gotten a few good hugs out of him while picking him up from school.

Well, hopefully I won’t be in this slump much longer and I will get back to writing posts that at least pretend to be interesting :P. Chow!

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