The answer my friend is blowing in the wind…

… The answer is blowing in the wind.

My what a day. It was very, very windy today. I think it rained this morning….things were wet, it’s only logical.Plus it was predicted by the weather person! But after lunch it was quite sunny and warm. I decided I would go for a walk, there was really no reason not too. Except for the wind. I didn’t take that into account. No matter, I like the wind. It was blowing so hard I could hear it over my music. Now, I don’t have my music super, super loud, but it’s loud enough. I was out for…well, 3.5 hours or so (I walked for 3h 15min. of that) and it was windy the entire time. The walk home was especially tough as the wind was blowing in my face. Yes it kept me upright, but fighting against it when I was already tired was a challenge. I went somewhere new today so I have lots of pictures. This time I took Freddy along. At first he was in the mesh pocket of my bag and I forgot about him because he wasn’t easy to reach. After I took a little break on a bench I took him out for a picture. Then I stuck him in between me and the waist strap. It worked out quite well although I must have looked silly walking with a toy bear at my waist. Adeline and Greg let me use their Camelbak. It’s very handy, I didn’t have to stop to take a drink. I’m quite addicted and want to get one of my own. And it’s made all the more simple because my bag has a special compartment made for such things.

By the time I got home I was exhausted. And, as I realize now, a bit sunburned. Of course I forgot to put on the sunscreen I bought and had IN MY BAG THE ENTIRE TIME. It’s not that bad, I already had a good base. I can’t even really tell unless I look in the mirror. Tomorrow though, tomorrow I will remember. After I drop Bastien off at school I’m just going to keep going. Now, since I spent a good chunk of my afternoon in the great outdoors I did not take the time to post about the wedding which was going to be todays topic. Shame on me. And I’m not going to do it tonight either. I know, I know, I’ve done this countless times. I’ve made so many promises on here that I just haven’t kept. Well, I haven’t kept my timeline promises…I’ve always gotten to it eventually. It’s not that it’s that involved, I just want to remember as much as possible that would be interesting and my brain is a little too windblown and Chucked out to think straight.

So I will leave you now with pictures from my walk. Some are truly interesting, some are only great because they have green things in them and I like green – be it trees, leaves, grass…nature related – green is good. And pretty.

This is what the sky looked like to my right as I started walking. I was just out of Wasseiges and I honestly thought we were going to get a quick downpour at any moment. Luckily, it stayed dry.

So this is where, on another walk, I chose to go left back into town. Today I went the other way (gasp!).

You can sort of see a little intersection up ahead. If I would have went left I would have gone into Ambresin. I’m not exactly sure where in the town I would have ended up, but it wouldn’t have been as far up as I wanted.

Apparently aliens are in need of protection. They also live in this area. Who would have thought?

I finally made it to Avin. Woopee!

Hmm… Do I keep going straight to a town I’ve never heard of (Ciplet. This picture shows where I came from), or do I go where I know I’m going to get home in the not too distant future? I chose home. But there are other days!

At this point I remembered Freddy. He was grateful and excited that we were going to be going by a castle.

Then of course he had to waste time by climbing trees. This is a habit of his, one I can’t quite break him of.

Freddy got thirsty too. The sun was strong. My raccoon face can attest to that.

I didn’t take the Roman road. It wasn’t in the direction of home. But I like these signs.

Castle gates! Right: unknown road. Where it leads is a mystery… Left: towards Ambresin and home. The logical choice. This way I actually got to see the castle.

Getting married? Want to do it in Belgium? Come here!

I wonder what it looks like from the front?

This next section of road was marvelous. I actually didn’t take any pictures of the best parts. Shame on me. Basically it was just lined with trees which gave great shade and were all covered in vines. A mass of bright green. I loved it.

Weee! I’m getting closer. I was starting to get really tired at this point. It must have been after 2 hours.

Well hello there. He just came out of no where. I jumped a tiny bit.

Then he followed me as I kept walking and started going crazy. All crouched down and moving his head back and forth.

I went right. And it took me exactly where I was planning on going. Yeah me!

There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home. Only 3 more kilometers.

Up ahead is an intersection (straight or left) that I go through every time I take or pick-up the boys from the babysitter’s. Of course, I’m coming from a different direction and I don’t come down this way. I had originally planned to walk to this intersection and take the main road in, but then a little side road popped up…

It’s a dead end road for cars, but there’s a sign saying you can go down with bikes or walking. So I went. I will always try and take a road I’ve never been down before if I can. It’s more fun that way. It was interesting to see this farm from this side as I always see it from the other road. It actually turned towards the right and connected with the main road just a little further up from the previous intersection.

They were everywhere! There were also a bunch of little chicks too, but that picture didn’t turn out as good.

I really enjoy covered areas more than open fields. Don’t get me wrong, fields can be great, but I prefer hiking through woods.

Freddy gave way to conformity. It was kind of hard not too, the wind was a lot stronger than his little beany frame!

I hope you all enjoyed this walk with me. And I hope the pictures aren’t all starting to look the same. My mental map is getting bigger. By the time I leave I’m going to know this part of Belgium really well!

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  1. They have crazy signs in Belgium! I have no idea what they are trying to communicate with some of those things. There’s not much frivolity on signs in America. Seems like we are missing out!

    • Basically, what I’ve seen is that when it comes to the small and smallish towns there’s usually 3 or 4 that share a common town hall. Like Wasseiges (where I live) shares a town hall with 3 other small towns. So when you see that sign that says ‘Ambresin’ and ‘Wasseiges’, it’s because Ambresin is connected with Wasseiges. You also see province signs, like ‘Wasseiges, Province of Liege’, etc.

      Since it’s such a small country I actually live within 30 minutes of two other provinces. One I can even walk to in under 20 minutes! And that’s odd for me consider to drive from where I live in Ontario to Manitoba is over 24 hours.

      Thanks for reading!


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