Princes, and Barons, and Counts, oh my!

Ok, there was only one prince, but still. Today was the wedding of Adeline’s cousin Coralie. It was in Grandglise, so after the ceremony I got to see the backyard of the house all decked out for a wedding. It looked great. Of course I have pictures…but of course I’m much to tired to wait for them to load and to give you a decent account of the day.

Let’s just say that when the barker (that’s what Jean said he was called) called everyone’s names to tell them what table they were sitting at (they did that instead of having a list posted), there were a lot of counts, countesses, barons, etc., named off. It was a little overwhelming just with all the names and titles. I almost didn’t catch my name (mademoiselle Holly Brenneman, full French accent) and was a little worried. You see, most of the time they don’t place couples and families all together, they just mix everybody up. This can be good and bad. Bad if you’re like Adeline and were at a table where the next oldest person was over 10 years older than you, but good because it allows you to meet new people if you’re so inclined. Thankfully I wasn’t totally alone. I sat next to Jeff and the people across from us could speak English so I wasn’t totally without conversation. One thing that’s bad about people wanting to practice their English is that I give in so easily and then don’t practice my French. I need to work on that.

The table I was sitting at was HUGE! Mom, you think your table that sits 22 is big, well this one sat way more than that. I have know idea how many, but it was a lot. Of course, it was many tables put together, but still. It ran almost the whole length of the tent-like room we were in. I say tent-like because the roof was canvas, but the sides were metal and glass. Across from me was Amélie. I made a new friend! I have her email address so I can connect with her. She’s going to try and give me some Amsterdam travel tips from her parents (for when my family comes) and maybe we can get together and do something sometime. Her English is very good although she says she still makes a lot of mistakes. I guess I noticed them, but not that much because I could still understand pretty much exactly what she was saying.

Any who, I will create a post worth reading (and looking at) tomorrow for your enjoyment ^_^.

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