No distractions…except for kids, and cameras, and teddy bears.

So has made some changes and upgrades to certain things on the site. One being the full screen mode for writing posts. I actually never used it before (there’s a lot about this site that I don’t know…maybe I should take the time to learn), but I’m trying it now. They suggested to write with no distractions and there is literally nothing on the browser window except for what I’m writing. It’s actually quite…refreshing. I get distracted very easily. I guess not so much when I’m writing my posts, but in my life in general. Although sometimes it does take a couple of hours to post because I’ll start writing and Greg or Adeline will come in and ask if I want to watch TV with them. So I come back and finish my post later. As it is only 1:40 in the afternoon at this point I will be finishing this post in a couple of hours, once the day is done. I just wanted to test out the distraction-free writing feature before I forgot about it.

I have just under 2 hours before I go to pick up Bastien. He’s going to look so adorable tomorrow at the wedding! Him and Clémence are both in the ceremony. And Adeline got the cutest little light blue overalls for Sylvain. I can’t wait till my family gets to meet him and see how much Bastien as changed since they met him almost a year and a half ago. You know, sometimes Sylvain is so quiet you forget he’s there. Like the other night. He was just sitting in his high chair, chewing on something I think, and we were cleaning up from dinner. I went to get something else off the table, looked over and saw him and realized that I totally forgot he was there. I think I might have thought he was already in bed.

Yesterday Lisa commented on one of my pictures on Facebook wondering who is going to do her hair for our cousin’s wedding I’m missing. It made me really sad. I miss my sister. I miss our movie nights and going to the drive-in. I miss just sitting in each other’s rooms and talking about nothing and everything. I miss getting ready together; our hair, our make-up. I even miss straightening her hair for her. I know that I won’t be gone forever, but being away makes you realize how important the little things are in life, the constants, the things you can count on. Of course I miss my parents, and friends, and other family, but this is my sister we’re talking about. We may not know absolutely everything about one another, but she’s my best friend and I love spending time with her. I know it’s not going to be the same when I come home. We both have to move on and she has a boyfriend now so she’s not at home very much. I just wanted everyone to know how important she is to me. I know my Mom is happy we’re so close. I bet she was worried when we were little though! We fought all the time. I used to try to hit her (just because), but she was – and still is – a fighter. She would kick me to keep me away, and I would yell at her to “stop kicking me so I can hit you!”. I have this one image in my head of her on one of our old couches with her legs up in the air trying to fend me off. It’s amazing we ended up friends! We were always close, I just wasn’t always very nice to her. I wonder how my Mom put up with it. It’s good things have changed.

This post is totally random! I wonder what will happen tonight that will be noteworthy. I wonder what kind of shenanigans Bastien will get up to. Next week I’m going to go do some stuff. I’m going to ask if I can borrow Adeline’s GPS and I’m going to go see some things. Now that it’s officially in writing I’ll have to make myself do it or risk embarrassment! Maybe I’ll go to Libramont-Chevigny to the Museum of the Celts or to Dranouter to a folk music museum. I can’t decide what to do on my own from this list and what to do with my family! After seeing the list my Mom sent me of things they want to do, I think we’ll probably only do a couple of things on my list, so I should just do a bunch of them myself before they get here. I remember when Jean and I drove to Dinant; the drive was so beautiful. I think at some point I want to just drive through the Ardennes region. The forest, all that green, I love it! I kind of have this itch to just drive on back roads (well, just not the speedway) and get lost. Then use the GPS to get home! I can do what I do when I go walking; see how long I have till I have to be back, set a timer for half that and just go. Then turn around when the timer goes off. I’m so fortunate to have a car at my disposal that I should take full advantage of it.  I think I’ll use my time to do most of my travelling within Belgium because I know my family wants to go to other parts of Europe as well, so I can do that with them.

8:15pm. Well, it’s later. Today when I picked Bastien I got a big hug and while I was holding him he gave me a kiss on the nose. So cute. For snack he went looking in the fridge for a pudding, but didn’t find one. Before he got too upset I tried suggesting yogurt, but he didn’t want his; he wanted one of the other one’s. Right now he’s only drinking/eating soy products because he was having stomach pains and they want to see if he has an allergy or just intolerance to lactose. Unfortunately (according to Bastien anyway) that means that his yogurt now has actual fruit in it….he does not like that. He started crying when I told him he couldn’t have the other yogurt until, wonder of wonders, I found a pudding hiding being the yogurt! I had saved the day.

After snack time we went outside to play. Lately I’ve been neglecting Freddy so I asked Bastien if it was all right if Freddy came out with us. He said yes. So out we went, me with my camera and Bastien with my panda. It was fun taking Freddy pictures again. At first Bastien said he was nice, but then later he said Freddy was bad and had to go to prison! She Bastien took him away and put him in his play house.  After a little I asked Bastien if I could have Freddy back to take more pictures. Thankfully he consented and Freddy’s jungle journey could commence.

He also got himself acquainted with the chickens who live in the backyard. I’m very grateful to them for not pecking at him. He can be quite sensitive at times and I’m not sure how he would have handled that. Yes, my toy beanie-panda has a personality. He has too now, he’s on Facebook! Today the chickens gave us 4 eggs. I’m not sure if it was one from each or not, but 3 of them were close to normal size, where 1 was still pretty small.

Because of the risk of making this post into a short story, I will end it here. Almost. I also took a whole bunch of Sylvain pictures; him flying, him smiling; him trying to eat my iPod… After that was dinner and talk of the wedding tomorrow. You know, organizational details. Adeline, Bastien and I have to leave by 9:30am tomorrow, so I have to make it an early night.

I will now leave you with pictures of Freddy’s afternoon frolic in the garden.


He tried climbing up…like Spiderman. When that didn’t work, he took the stairs.

Before he was put in ‘jail’.

Poor Freddy.

The path in the garden is a little overgrown with all the bushes and flowers. Freddy considers this his jungle.

He always has to stop and smell the flowers.

Don’t sniff too hard…there are bugs.

He got stuck in the bushes so Bastien tried to help him get out.

Pick-a-little talk-a-little, pick-a-little talk-a-little, pick, pick pick, talk a lot, pick a little more… ‘The Music Man’ anyone?

This isn’t Freddy and this isn’t the garden, but I wanted to show you the progress Sylvain is making!

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