What day is it today?

I’ve been getting the days mixed up all week. I keep thinking it’s Friday. I went for a short walk today, only an hour, but I have pictures! Pictures are always good, they make my posts more interesting. After that I also vacuumed out ‘my’ car (Aurore and Jeff are using while they’re here for the wedding this weekend), and had a shower. All before lunch. After lunch I watched a little TV and then took the car to Sybille’s and drove back home with Adeline where we stopped to pick up Bastien from school.

Again, we had a great time playing outside and he was really nice. Although, I still had to watch out for wolves and I got bit by an ant. I was hiding out in his plastic house…..which had a lot of ants crawling around on the inside. I felt a sharp pain and saw an ant on my hand. The logical conclusion is that it bit me. Bastien didn’t believe me though…at the time. Later, during snack time, he mentioned it to Adeline, but instead of saying I was bitten, I’m pretty sure he said something along the lines of an ant was eating me.

So as of Sunday it will officially be 2 months till my family gets here. We’re all really excited ^_^. And with that I’ll leave you with some pictures.

It’s the bag!

Heading out of Wasseiges towards Namur.

Once again within walking distance of the Namur province.

More poppies! At least I’m pretty sure that’s what they are…

Up ahead is the first intersection since leaving town.

This is where I turned back.

They were all staring…even the little one! It was kind of unsettling.

Almost back in town.


Since I had my headphones in I didn’t hear that guy walking behind me…He totally freaked me out when I looked beside me and saw this ‘man with a mission’ passing me.

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