Lions, and Tigers, and…..cats?

So I brought with me my backpack from school. The thing is, it’s pretty big and not meant for walking. I wanted something smaller like the bag Adeline has, the one she used in Switzerland. Plus, having a smaller backpack would be nicer when sight-seeing too….then my purse won’t get in my way at my side. Adeline knew I was in the market so she sent me an email for the Collishop (associated with the store Colruyt – a little like Costco) where they were having sales on all kind of things included backpacks. I found two that I thought would fit my needs…one was quite small and I think really only had space for two Camel bags (I guess they’re called….those water pouches with the straw like contraption so you can drink as you’re moving). I ended up going with a different one which was actually cheaper, yeah! It actually has a place for a Camel bad so if I want one of those eventually I can get one. It’s pretty neat because it’s specifically meant for running (which I won’t be doing :P) and it has a pouch on each side where the waist strap meets the bag so I can put my phone and iPod in them and have easy access. I didn’t actually buy it from the site – it was just for reserving items and once they’re delivered to the store you have two weeks to pick it up if you still want it. It was delivered today so I went today and it was…interesting getting it. I had to check on a computer to see where it was and if I wasn’t able to find it or reach it I had to press the green button for help. Well, I didn’t read it correctly, but even if I had I would have needed help because it wasn’t out on the shelves yet and there was some construction going on. So I pressed the green button, help arrived, we found my bag, and I went and paid for it. Exciting stuff.

Bastien and I played outside again, but this time he kept saying there was a wolf around. Every time he said the wolf was back I said I was scared and he ‘got rid’ of it for me. He kept saying it came back…I think it was just because I kept saying I was scared. Then he said there was a tiger and I said I was really scared and he said I didn’t have to be because it wasn’t a bad tiger, it was nice. And its name was Shanga (remember, Shanga is the name of Adeline’s cat…who happened to be outside). He was very brave chasing away all those wolves for me. I was lucky he was there.

When I got back from picking Sylvain up Bastien was watching A Bug’s Life. So I sat down with him and had Sylvain on my lap, and Sylvain was laughing and laughing. He must have been laughing at the TV because when I turned him around to look at me he didn’t laugh as much. It was funny because sometimes he bounces around when he laughs and he was just going to town. He was really quite all throughout supper too. He drank his bottle and then just played in his high chair while the rest of us ate. Full of smiles that one.

This morning I also had to go get some photocopies made so I could send off some stuff that has to do with my work permit. You know, proving that I’m taking a French course, that I’m getting paid, that I have insurance. I missed making a copy of one thing so I went back this afternoon. Thankfully it’s just a couple of minutes walking down the street. That’s the one good thing about living in town, things are much closer together and you can walk. But I still love the country…not as much traffic :P. Thankfully once I’m asleep I’m usually asleep until my alarm goes off.

Oh, and we also finished the last two episodes of Glee: Season 1 tonight.

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