The Pacific

You should all be proud of me. While I may not have gone for a walk today I was at home but did not watch any TV or turn on my computer until a few minutes ago! I have this very bad habit of watching multiple 42min. episodes of any given show at a time…this wastes a lot of the day. So I’m trying to turn over a new leaf by not turning on the TV. Ok, Greg and I did watch something tonight, but more on that later.

This morning I finished writing some letters, had a bath, put on some music and danced around for a bit. I took my time eating my lunch and did a bit of tidying up in my room. Before I knew it the afternoon was half over, but I didn’t feel like I had wasted my entire day. I even remembered to let the chickens out this morning! Go me.

After both boys were home, Bastien and I went outside to play. He said I could come up into his play house, in fact, he wanted me to come up. The roof is high enough that I can stand up inside, but I sat down anyway. Even though I know it’s sturdy I think I have this fear of the floor giving way like it did on our old tree house. I was lucky I was hanging on the sides, so instead of falling my feet just dangled a bit. It’s odd going up the steps, they’re very close together and I almost tripped a couple of times. Bastien was very sweet. He even gave me a hug (which I asked for) and a little kiss on the cheek (which I didn’t!). He also accidentally lightly grazed my eyelid with a stick (very lightly). I was just expecting a ‘pardon’ (which he gave), but he also gave me a magic kiss…right on my eyelid. It was a little wet, but I didn’t want to wipe it away and make  him think the thought wasn’t appreciated. Bath time was good for the most part, but when you’re able to put on one article of clothing at a time because he runs away in between each, it can get a little weary. I can understand why my Mom had to be careful playing with Lisa (she was always rougher than I was ;)), even when he was giving me hugs after his bath it was dangerous! I got a shoulder in the throat. All in all, I’ll take bony shoulders and wet eyelids over crying and screaming and the words ‘pas toi’ (not you) any day.

Sylvain is getting better and better at sitting up by himself. If you place him right, he’s able to balance alone, but if not it’s ‘timberrrrr’. We have a safety cushion around 3 sides of him so he can fall all he wants. I had my iPod on the floor next to me and of course he saw it and wanted to grab it. Never mind the toys he is actually allowed to stick in his mouth. I let him take hold of it to see what he would do (duh Holly) and of course he went to put it in his mouth right away.

So, The Pacific. It’s a HBO miniseries (10 1 hour episodes) about the Americans in WWII, specifically, the marines fighting the Japanese in the Pacific. I will admit that what I used to know about WWII is pretty much what happened in Europe with the exception of knowing a bit about Pearl Harbor. And I don’t remember everything. I always get the two wars mixed up and I can’t remember many details. It’s been 10 years (gasp!) since my last Canadian history class, 9 years ago I took an American history class, and all my history since then has been music history and we didn’t really focus on the wars themselves, just that they were going on and made certain composers immigrate to the USA…I need a refresher course!  So Greg and I watched the first episode tonight. It’s well done, well-directed I think. Of course I don’t know much about the intricacies of film making, but I do know that once they were on the island, in fighting mode, the pressure built up for such a long time, you never knew exactly when the attack was coming. You kept expecting it and it never came. Then suddenly it did and things went crazy, of course. Anyway, I’m intrigued enough to want to watch the rest.

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