What’s this for again?

That title box seriously haunts me some days. I feel like it’s really overrated, but then I remember that it actually serves a very important purpose. It has the ability (potentially) to let you know if you want to bother reading a certain post or not. I apologize. When I can’t think of anything I tend to write nonsense.

Today we just sort of puttered around the house. I spent some time writing letters, Greg put up a bunch of pictures in the stairwell, Adeline cooked for tomorrow. And then tonight we watched Glee. We’re two episodes away from then end of season 1.

Oh! I hurt my elbow today – I scraped it against a wall…I have terrible depth perception when it comes to my peripheral vision. I’m always walking into walls, or door handles. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve snagged a sleeve on the handle of my bedroom door. It happens a LOT. Anyway…I asked Bastien if he would give me a magic kiss to make it better and he kindly did so. Sometimes he’s very nice to me and other times he’s not. He likes to tell me that I’m not nice, or that what I did was not nice. We have to remind him he’s not the boss. 😀 After supper he was sitting on the couch and Adeline, Greg, and I were still at the table when I said that the magic kiss didn’t work and both Greg and Adeline – at the same time – said ‘sshhhhhh’. They want it to take as long as possible for Bastien to figure that out. For now a bisou magique works wonders.

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